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Friday, July 3

black velvet

so what have i been up to this whole week??

lets recap. * cheeyyy, macam kat sekolah *

"murid murid, mari kita mengimbas kembali latihan kelmarin"

Ice Age 3
tickets courtesy of Danny New and Nuffnang (:

watched with Danny, Shing and Jc (:

this show was absofuckinglutely awesome! in 3D tooo! :D
this is bimbo, but HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY.
allow some SS moments aight x)

after that headed to Al-safa. met up with Edwin, Az and JY.

when i reached, we left -____-
to Edwins house for drinking.
hahah, i remember Happy 3 Friends marathon!
super long since i've watched that.
i felt sadistic non-the-less.
cuz they were grossed out and i was entertained {x.x?}

related that to Chuen. She agree's that H3F is hilarious!


after that about 3, headed to makan.
all the way to W.A.W and
then someone calls us with a big fat scolding ):

back to peejay..
and the someone says "you all go la. -__-"
*speechless yet?*

had MCD bfast instead.
yummy (: i sausage mc muffin!
headed home about 5?

photoshopped Digital Imaging babiz till 8.40 am.
then beh tahan died-ed in the living room till 1pm.

college to submit the Digital Imaging and print it.
pissifying much i tell you.

headed home around 3 to sleep.
so tired. but absolutely relieved after handing everything in.

at this moment. i can't remember what i did.
so yhea, empty la here.

Wednesday is a blurr
good lord. i seriously cannot remember.

pool @ AC and
makan fest @ 223.


college for moral x)
guai kan? i go for moral classes.

jared and z headed to BFB *bigfatbird
located @ Tropicana business center.
next to Tropicana City Mall.
*food's good, environment is relaxed (:*
visit, visit!

Chuen and I having eaten, headed to the mall instead.
she'd never been there.
walked a little then off to boarders.

i read my TSGS finish (:
i love that series even tough some stories seem abit over the top.

Edwin came cuz he thought i said he was mean -_-
LOL. nevermind, thats been cleared up.
GAAAH! Tropicana Mall is so so cold!
i sat in boarders and froze.

went down for ice cream after that.
yes yes i gila cold but still eat ice cream x)
i like larrrh.

headed home after ice cweam :)

nights plan was Drinks @ Changkat.
but semua lambat.
so dropped by @ Changkat abit.
then off to Maison :D

lama x see that place.
it was pretty quiet!
alot of MLL's and COD's

MLL = Ma lat lou
COD's = creepy older dudes

twas pretty fun (:
after that headed to WAW :D
got to try salad toufu.
not bad not bad.

fwiday = today
i just woke up about an hour plus ago?
2.30smthg PM
so i'll tell you later.

no photo's
they're on FB
cuz blogger takes forever and ever to upload a single photo whereelse
fb has JAVA (:

how's my lil HTC touch viva?
summore super yeng.
its pretty user friendly i must say.
people just playing with a smart phone for the first time
have almost no problems.


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thank you loves.


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