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Thursday, July 30

reeee-cap (:

so last Monday started the actual 24hour holiday.
what have I been doing man?
honest to god, i can't remember much.

i thought i'd be a nerd and stay home la kan?
sikit sikit homesick la. ended up
Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; i think?
i stayed home (: day and night?
(: awesome la.

Monday - grocery shopping with my parents (:
been awhile since i did that really,
and honestly. i love super markets (:
plus my parents listen to stuff like Hitz and Fly
so sitting in the car is never boring (:

my dad is constantly singing the song "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston
to me, since he knows my nickname is shorty.

and then we headed home to crap (:
chit chatting with my parents
feels like catching up with old friends sometimes.
but my dad can be super lame la. >.< thank gawd!

- - - - - - - -

okay moving on to Tuesday

Tuesday - is a blurr,
I remember I again cooked pasta.
came online and watched some series on my lappie.
i think i did laundry.
yes i'm such a bore.

then leave this site. byebye humanity

at least i said bye? -___-" phfft


i went grocery shopping again.
this time at the not so new Giant
somewhere in Kota?

its huge. but it seems more like cold storage la.
so many foreign items (:

my kind of supermarket (:

headed to Piccadilly for a short discussion
on Azriels bday.

Note to self: guys can be fickle too



Edwin came over to watch me cook baked pasta apparently.

Lucky for me, he did the cooking of the sauce (:

HAHAHA, free labour (:

it looked gorgeous after all that hard work.

summore it was a hot day -_- mother f*?
already cooking and baking is hot, the weather wasn't helping also.

after that
waited till about 7.45pm.
Jacq picked me up and we headed for dinner.
thanks for the ride girl.
i know you were super exhausted.

with Baked Pasta! (:
yes Azriel, all that hard work from us to you.

it was kinda tasteless.

luckily we were saved by Edwin's mom's
bolognese sauce.

chilled abit and headed to look out point after that.
My Hoshi and Miki kena abuse in the car.
partly from me also la.

Look out point was kinda hazy that night.
wasn't as cold either.
but we had some gila photos (:

headed home about 2, i think?



woke up,
and yes!
PASTA again!

one reason is 'cuz I've got a tonne of pasta sauce.

two is 'cuz I've been watching alot of channel 703
and kena influence by my free time,
to cook?

so pasta lagi la.

Didn't do much in the day,
i took a nap again (:

yes i love to sleep and i love to eat.

i'm going to be a bigger fatter pig.
i'm already a big pat pig. (x

and AND! i ADMIT it!
i am not in denial.

later headed to Bangsar for dinner.
Some place called Social.
since Full House didn't work out.

they changed their menu tough,
not as appetizing la now.

and NXZ is kinda dead-er that usual.

pity those people who invested in it.

Social is nice (:
i loved my marinara.

however someone's carbonara memang jelak.
(sickening in english, but it sounds so weird and insulting)

Shall hit this place called Alexis soon.
heard from Naz*kookiee its the sam row as Social.
Aiyah* all on Telawi la.

Headed to Edwin's house, again.

this time for poker night.
since the bday boy wants to poker so badly.

biggest winner was Philip in the end.

stoned watching Shrek 3 (:
i <3 animation!

dim sum @ 5am
yes people open dimsum shops at 5am.
and sleep by 7.

need i say why i am nocturnal?

i miss college!!
I'm not a fan of the new campus much,
for its friggin expensive at each corner?
but i miss my classmates, really.



slept like a log,
and woke up with a headache.

sighs, i know i'll die young.
i just don't want to suffer so much la.

Went to one world hotel to get the surprise cake.
ps, One World Hotel is real pretty.
some cheese and oat cake.
sounds pelik..
but it tasted really good.
minus the fact that i thought the oats were annoying to bite into.

Stashed the cake @ Decanters and off to Hartamas food court.

headed there for dinner and waited for everyone.
since everyone was going broke.

Bday Boy got his Sisha.

i was a total stone.

headed to Breakers for abit of foos,
no pool tables, so i didn't play nothing.

headed to Decanters to chill and once again wait for people.

learned a new game from Dwayne.

lol, stoning makes me so blurr.
and I mean more than usual!

no i am not on weed or any of that crap.
I'm just really blurr.

stayed till about 2. cuz they foos-ed summore afterward.
then i headed home.

church the next day.


lemme think lemme think.

i slept about 4 and missed the morning mass.
headed for Sunday school tough (:

thank you my very reliable alarm (:

first time teaching.
nerve wrecking, but exciting non the less.
will be commencing round 2 this Sunday (:

I cant wait!

came home and died-ed on the couch till 530.
rushed like mad to make it for the 6pm mass.

wet hair in an air coned church.
not so bad really.

bumped into Dean and Nic's dad.
uncle Kenneth.

LOL but no NIC!
she was at the bazaar.

headed home, dinner and watched some movie.
died-ed for a long time (:

finally! some rest :D

i am so in love with my pink bed!


Week 2.

Groove Junction night

Eg performed.
Miss Su performed.
Clemmie performed!
Jc's band performed.

overall good (:
but Jc's vocalist erh not so good.

My Fav performance!

he sang Angels by Robbie Williams.

aaw (: melt

Williams afterward with a tonne of people.
but the table overcrowded.

so Chen, Naz, Chuen and i got another table (:
alot of funny topics and crap stories that night.

gosh, thats why i miss college.
the people are just the best la.
and by people i mean my classmates (:

don't see alot of seniors cuz of internship and graduation.

bumped into Prema and Michelle that night too!
alot of seniors.
but of all, i missed them the most (:
especially Michelle,
she's always so cheerful.


daytime i was unproductive and played alot of Bejeweled 1 and 2.

Dinner @ Murni's with
& Nicholas (:

(a, n, cube)
I'm the A, then its Nicole, Nozz and Nichi

NO he does not own Nichii City.

afterward we wanted to catch up, but were lazy to go anywhere.
chilled in the car and crapped till 945.
LOL. about 45 minutes to an hour?

not bad (:

headed to someone's house after
My Wife is A Gambling Maestro.

i didn't understand alot of words, but i did get like 75% of the main objective (:

abit predictable but still funny.

headed to Mcd after and had a take away oreo mcflurry!

MMMMMM oreo mcFlurry

*d r o o l s*

TODAY! well actually yesterday cuz its 3.45am now.

woke up early-_-

i keep waking up before my bloody alarms ):
so potong!

showered and switched on the laptop.
went down, no food again..

cooked pasta, again..

but still yummy.

plus i found out we have Simpsons organic vegeroni at home (:

watched Harold & Kumars escape from Guantanamo bay.

osama bin ladens beard and cockmeat sandwiches.

had a nap till 8pm (:

i'm weird.

had summore pasta for dinner -_-
my dad
cooked spaghetti.
genetic taste buds?

waited till 930 and bejeweled online again (:

i whooped Edwin Chan's ass in Bejeweled! x)

i ruleee (:

headed to 223 with Delia,
can't believe she's never been there!

i spent her tonight (:
since she jadi my drebar (:
I'll miss you soon enough.

My condolences to Aris Raphael Khoo.

gosh man, you shoulda told us.
sorry missed your moms funeral,
My family and I's prayers are with you.
you can come to us if anything okay (:


Headed to mcd to catch up after, played some dai di and
updated each other. well, she updated me,
cuz she's got more to tell (:


went home, cuz cinderella has a witching hour.
took a long drive tough.
since she had the urge to take a drive.

empty roads are tempting roads.

passed Del her share of the notes for this Sunday's class.
bejeweled smore and watched tv till 3 am (:

i have been working on this post for about 52minutes.
cuz its 3.52am.

till then. chao loves (:

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