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Saturday, August 22

Hello HTC, I love Bejeweled too (:

were supposed to do a video on how the HTC is to us i suppose?
I know its supposed to be about me, but its kinda hard to film during classes.
and due to Bejeweled, my phone is now public property in class.


so i decided, why not video one of the many culprits who're dreaming away in class,
to the bling of bejeweled in the HTC Touch Viva?

initially i got hooked onto Bejeweled from Az's iTouch,
it then dawn*ed on me,

that since i too was using a touch screen phone.
it should be possible to get the same game kan?

after countless searches, one was finally found!


credits to akupunyaBejeweledhero (:

psssstt; Alvina *person in video*
is my classmate in IACT (:
she's not the only one stealing the HTC from me during classes.
but she's one who's not shy to tell you, that its pretty entertaining.
especially during those boriiiing lectures in which you HAVE to stay awake
cuz crummy old lecturer won't let you take a nap for sure.


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