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Friday, August 28

someone asked me these, but it got cancelled after i answered -__-

so i'mma post it up anyways (:

1) What do you think of yr viva so far?
i love it! for the most of it of course! (:
*big grins!*
i love that its a smart phone, but its soooo easy to use!
it has a phone key pad, which means i don't have to have the trouble of typing with the qwerty and i can also type without a stylus! awesome-ness, no?

sure it has its kinks. but don't all phones?

photos can be viewed i-phone style, uber pretty.

1) Microsoft excel keeps me on time for class. (HAHA. shhh, dont tell my mom.)
2) Microsoft word helps me take notes in class, and eliminate the use for paper! YAY! save the environment. fight global warming (:
3)Notes remind me of the little things a scatterbrain like myself often forgets.
like not leaving your house keys at home when yr heading out. has happened.

4) the scroll thingy (sorry, i dont know the official name) which is sorta like a tool bar, look so cool plus its also fun to slide, it looks so high tech (:
hahaha show off sikit la.
since everyone's showing their iphones -__-".
my viva's rounder and cuter! HAAH!


2) whats yr favourite feature?
The phone keypad!
thats for sure, cuz it eliminates the need to learn the qwerty keypad.
and i can type superbly fast. teehee, people just assume i'm an awesome typist when i type out messages. since i do it super fast and with my thumbs (:

3) i cant live w/o my viva because?
its like a mini laptop!
as all our gadgets and gizmo's, it holds part of our lives in it.
i've gotten so used to its convenience that i don't even bring my laptop to college anymore.
especially since the Viva has wifi,
i don't pay the gprs charges and i get to surf the web anywhere anytime.
Facebook, youtube?
even windows live messenger.
looks like i can be laptop-less for a long long time.

my viva, its a part of me now and i'm loving it!

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