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Monday, August 17


personally i don't like twitter much?

i haven't a clue on why its so much fun to constantly update statuses?

you can do that on facebook without having to stalk others constantly!

anyways, so how's the HTC Viva?

its doing good.
everyone's been bejewelling on it lately.

yesyes i'mma bejeweled freak. (:

its so bling (: who wouldn't like it?

were supposed to create a short film with the HTC Viva in mind.

my initial idea was Geek vs Nerds?

freaks sound better, but I'm not feeling so mean :P
thats rare?
perhaps I'm being nice for some reason larh?
or I've run out of "MEAN."

i'll upload my video soon (:

just you wait and watch.


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