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Wednesday, September 9

raya week well spent.

Hungry yet?

enough of food, we all know I'm a total glutton!
since I'm not skinny I aim to make Y-O-U all FATFATFAT!

oh wait, i meant PHAT! (:


college from 9-6 ):
thats am to pm!
BUT we had a 3hour break (:
in which i went to watch this
with ♥, Chuenny and Vina

Funny but not much emotion. Jack Neo films usually byk feeling. It was more comedy this time! Totally loved it!

Look Out Point @ Ampang.
for the first time it was all foggy and cold!
Yes i was half Popsicle!
the tiramisu cheese was awesomeee. plus the view!

- hmmm what did i do Sunday?
- Open house 1! STUFFED!
non stop feeding man! they must love seeing us eat!

omg, super comel.
Chuen says "like cat wei, tengah manja"
- Open house 2 @ Naz's
- mid valley afterward and Sushi Z for cravings :D

I'm the fat short thing
Chuen's Simon. panjang and specky.

And Alvin is Alvina!
obvious reasons la.
its not a panda okay Vinaaa!

*shengg maoooo*

- watched Gamer. not too bad.

Gerrard Butler!

- swim time! phatphatphat!

- headed to Chuenny's and then to her club. damnit! fully packed pool.
felt like a traffic jam inside the pool.
Camwhoring while Princess took his shower,
he took longer than Chuen and I combined!

headed off to Sunway pyramid afterward. Dinner @ Kim Gary's
and home early!
YES! early.
mom and dad were later than me! :P

swimming again.
this time at Danials place in Sterling.

the pool was so empty! iLove!

After a quick shower and all, headed pick up JiaWen

and off we were to Piccadilly's
mad love

felt like ages since I'd last been there.
Turkey Ham Carbonara.

Headed back after dinner.
Led Danial and Jia on a wild goose chase.
Since they so suka tail people. :D

ended up with a message from Jia afterward

were heading to ChoiYi's place.
You think petrol free ar?

haha, for you FREE LAAA.
was a really good night. even though I was super batu.
great catching up with you guys.

too bad no Chi ):

Kung Fu Dan
JiaWen posing, but her hand gesture macam tengah marah orang
"OIIII, whats your problem weii"
The initial plan was Pasar Malam.
But by 6pm, it was raining yet again! ):

scratch that! headed off to Tropicana City.
Watched Tsunami @ Haeundae.

The effects in the show were awesome!
super realistic

please don't let the world end in 2012, I'm seriously worried.
I'll be like 22?

The Tsunami part really got me afraid!
Someone's arm kena squish by me.
hehh* sorry

he came over (:
i ditched him for Fb games :P

sadly, my uber cute Rabbit Onigiri failed when i fried it ):
will try another time soon.
*thats rabbit SHAPED onigiri btw*

I hung out with my parents.
Yc-d with WenBing after his BEP concert.

everyone's been raving about how
awesome it was.

minus my brother, but thats prolly cuz we hardly communicate.
and I'm a communications student?

Seriously Fail apparently.

Saturday? 26th (:
Genting :P
Gohtong Jaya for BKT.
apparently its Klang BKT,
but not that good lorr. no flavour wan ):

Butt looking Chestnut.
I forgot to eat it -.-"
the kurang taste BKT.
*even Gohtong jaya was cold!

poor sayang. had to drive all the way there even though kaki sakit.

even Go

My ass became Popsicle ass the moment i sat on one of those surfaces in the parks and all!
walk like mad and the only thing bought were 2earrings.
Great Success, I didn't buy anything for me! :D

Headed to Old Town cuz couldn't make up my mind on Starbucks ):

This is Hilarious!
How to not upload woi?!

i miss camwhoring ):

i ordered an ice drink!
stupid i know, but i don't like hot drinks.

on the way down a Black Myvi started to race with us and someone was waving!

turns out its Jac, John and Sharmayne!

haha mystery waver unmasked.
stopped at some reststop.
Jac kena fever
Sharmayne was all dizzy.
it was 2am,
headed home.

I wore my trenchcoat!

Sunday 27th 09 09
i drove! to church and back. thank God noone got hurt.

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