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Tuesday, December 1

1 Dec 2009

Hello Dear Readers!

I do count my site meter hits,
so I guess some have been visiting (:

I might know you, I might not.
But I'd love to know you!

Drop me a message saying "Hi" or smthg :D
I really miss that.

Leave a link if you have a blog. I will link you back soonest possible 

Lotsa Love!

 Miss Amelia♥™

and btw, Happy Belated Birthday
Dearest Loves.

5th Sept
Rachelle Gan

2nd October
Mommy!!! :D

5th October
Edwin Baboon

6th October
Cherrie Tang

19th November
PeiChi babe 

20th November
Louis Oh

and Early Happy Birthday!

2nd December
Vicky Kiwi Pun

3rd Dec
Timothy Lim

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