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Wednesday, December 30

Christmas, mm hmm

So people, how was your Christmas this year?
Joyful, fun, stuffed to the brim or just plain,...
Eventful? (:

That's how I'd describe mine I suppose.
I stayed back to complete assignments this year while the family headed off to Camerons (Uncles aunts, etc)
oldies gathering basically.
bro and his girl were working and baby was so sweet.

He came over and temaned me 3 days straight.
hahaha kesian, be my driver la, maid la, cook la, basically become my mother.

But before all that nitty gritty crap,
Christmas Eve was spent with the family minus the working brother and his girl.

Headed to dinner at Hanazen, located @ Jaya One.
Wonderfully delish food. But semua kelam kabut.
Orders mix up la, missing food, set and ala carte switched up.
Which included eating other peoples food due to the mix up. -.-"

Malu enough?

After which we headed to church, brother came and joined us straight from work.
I dunno how he made it all the way back from Gardens area to Pj so damn fast.
Summore traffic's mad crazy.

Nothing that interesting in church this year, no plays all.
Just the cantering as per usual lah.

After mass, headed to the car with parents.

Merry Christmas! ♥ xoxo

Cute right? ahahhaa.
i didn't go to church like that la.

This years outfit was
Top : Bebe
Bottom : Glossy leggings from Cotton on. (someone called them SM leggings -.-")
Shoes: Charles & Keith
Bag : Pink LV ♥ mad love~
Accesories : Watch from Fossil which ppl think is a bracelet
& F21 key charm necklace. + various rings.

Headed home and picked Cherrie up,
Thats my brother girlfriend.
Headed to Kayu for a drink cuz the brother hadn't had time to eat dinner.

Headed home and everyone just KO'd and went through all the usual routines.

Parents headed off before I even got up.
When I actually got up, the whole house was empty.
I do remember a fuzzy "Bye, i love you, be good" stuff
from the parents

Got my arse out of bed by noon.
And gave B a call.
Stoned and stoned and stoned.. till about 2-3?
He came around abit and then we were off to OU.

omg, when we reached OU was like an ocean spilling over with people. ):
I wanted to go home due to it.
Hating crowded malls,
which is why shopping on Mondays rock! (:
No one to fight with, relaxing and therapeutic.

Watched Alvin and the Chipmunks and Sherlock Holmes.

Alvin - cute but got abit boring. the boi was constantly falling asleep.
Sherlock? - Simply brilliant. Please, please watch!

Headed to Gardens for our dinner in between the movies.
Got my Lips squishy pillow! :D
hugged it like some kid in Sherlock.

Baby said i was damn childish. -.-
gimme the wtf face summore.
half way through the movie?
He STOLE my lips and enjoyed it.

look who's talking now.
Dinner = Scrumptious.

Gardens Signature Carbonara
With Beef bacon and ground beef with mushrooms(:


Lamb Shank
Perfection, the meat just falls off the bone even if you use a spoon.
Absolute love!

Passion Fruit Cooler.
And ps, they customized the stirrer and the glass/jug

Minor details do make a big difference.

Headed home about 12 or 1.

So pooped I died-ed on the bed as soon as i got to my room.
Baby as tired as he was, also still mad. Main computer -.-"

Day 2
Boxing day!

Woke up about noon again.
No idea what to do so I called B over and headed to Vary pasta @ Dj.
Too too hungry to bother cooking.

Had my smoked chicken penne and baby had cordon bleau.
They mixed up his order at first. He got some lamb chop?

♥ My chicken penne.
so yummy.

sorry no photos of my chicken penne,
was so hungry I whack all only.

Headed to Atria to walk about after that,
he ditch me and walk around damn long in the book warehouse,
so I started reading Archie comics.
I kena bann from buying -.-"

Apparently i read comics, means i waste money.

Headed home and chilled awhile after that,
I believed we napped cuz the next thing was about 9? we headed off to Picca for dinner.

food there's always so cheap and worth it.
except the con people borsch soup.
its ABC soup. >.<"

Headed home about 10plus since he got some family thingy.
I went home, watched teevee, cleaned doggy poo and read my Jane Green book.

Yes i cleaned poopoo.
He stayed in the car whilst I cleaned up and left when I finally went in.
Either, he was being sweet or that he thought it was funny watching me clean poo, idk la.

LOL. definitely not some sick turn on okay.

Day 3

Woke up a little earlier and decided to cook.
woke baby up and texted him about it.
He said make aglio olio, cuz thats my fav *at least the fav I can actually make larh.* 
Then I said carbonara? cuz thats his fav.

We settled on making both.
I made my aglio and was so hungry I was gonna sneak a bite before he came.
But guess i got busted. Cuz as I wanted to take that first bite, guess who walks in?

Unfortunately that days carbonara failed.

Chilled till about 7. and then we headed to Cineleisure.
was looking at books once again and then Eg, Jared's bands songs started playing.
Suddenly remembered, they were playing in the library so headed there to cast some votes for 'em.

Headed to Manhattan Fish Market for dinner over at Ikeano and walked around abit.
Then we chao'ed off home.

Thats all for now folks.

I leave you with Random Christmas photos.

Mom's datin picture (:
Christmas eve, taken by yours truly.
Like the new couch? (; heeh`

Lotsa bears this year!
2 roxy bears and one Shy bear.
Its shy cuz the hands can be put over the eyes like in the photo!
Thats from dad btw.

20th Dec
Alexis after Hannah T's concert.


Lemon tart.
Tarts too sweet, but meringue's are awesome!

Nasi Lemak. Alexis style. with very bony fish. LOL

Hagez Dazs with Chuen and Naz

Starter @ Hanazen
Tuna, Salmon, Octopus, Scallops, and etc

My crispy salmon maki.

Lobster & omelette's.

Yummy unadon

Lobster Soup

Byebye busted up old arm chair!

Byebye my old nap chair!
other people will have awesome naps with you now.

Gingy from B! 
So cute, and smelt so so good.
I had to stop myself from eating him before Christmas.

xoxo, Amelia 

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