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Thursday, January 28


So, yes I blog damn little.
Here's a few reasons.
I also don't curse so much kan?
And use ALOT of manglish (malaysian english) now.
why? cuz my readers basically 90% Malaysian and x yah translation (:
Meaning i can be lazy blogger.

back-to-reasons-before-I-bable-and-you-all-leave-cuz -I'm-so-annoying.


*shutup! who said you can laugh at me?!baboons*

Reason 1
i have a mr mysterious who is not so mysterious la, but since he so wanna be mysterious I'm forbidden to blog bout him, but then like 75% stuff he's involved -.-"
so yea, i like got nothing to blog bout.  Cuz takkan I go out with him only and blog as if he's not der.
macam i gila and blog about  me going out with an imaginary friend la.
so,........... free.

Reason 2
at centerpoint for you who wansta stalk me! you psycho.
hahaha, but i'm short and fat and look like KBU student, you'll never find meeeeh!
(: so babi-fied (: thank you thank you *bows*

Well I spend like 10hours staring at the computer screen a day,
go home you think  I wanna see it summore ar?
Memang geek d that one.
I'm a nerd, not a geek.
But then again, I js fixed my headphone jack. ehheeehhh *paiseh*
.............maybe i am a geek too.... *sadness; can go die soon*

Reason 3
about the cussing.
yah, they read and ask me "eh why you curse so much ar?" *shakeshead+i raised a kid who only can say Fuck look* 
hahah I'm onto you parents!
yesterday while drving back my dad was scolding ppl cibai in the car.
all i said was Bitch. and it was a guy la..
SITUATION-nye macam ni 
*young kid in some big ass car swerves in front of us almost hitting by like 2inches*
me: omg dunno how to drive, bitch
dad: cibai, must be lawyer
me: ahaha nola, the bitch is a guy, some young punk
dad: yala LAWYER la, cibai. 
me: *stone*... with the O.O"""" look  

This is my face, hahahahah LOVE ME kan. I'm such bitch sometimes (:


my mom also, come back from her Girls days Out,..
Mom: girl, you know whats CB?
me: erhhh, i dunno which one you mean but the one I know is  erhh,... not so nice la.
Mom: means Cibai la.
me: wth,,... KANTOI face straight away 0.o" eyes senget dah
Mom: then you know whats CP, KNN, MCB, MCP?
me: erhh, JUST EXPLAINING arr, don't scold me wei. cipet, kani-ne, ma chi bai, and ma chi pet.
ps, i dunwan tell you what it means if you dunno, 
so i can say I DIDNT CORRUPT YOU. who ask you to be so busy body must find out. hahaha

see, I'm not screwed up.
I'm perfectly normal.
I fit in with my family.

and and, right now.
Jobs good, i just dunwanna answer phones. haha
but soon I'll have to. /:

ok la brain juice drying up.
i need sesi ber-bitching with humans (:

lunch with 1 group of bitching partners was good.
but they need watches -.-"

also, thats a photo from green room, I think I can see me upstairs.

Greenroom was smashing bitch! uber love.
2many Dj's were awesome shit.
visuals, audio. damn good!

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