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Monday, February 15

Oh so nais.

Yes, its so very nice 
to start the chinese lunar new year 
with a father who doesn't fail to scold me for some odd or petty reason.
Yes, once a day. 2days in a row.
Care to make the 3rd day too?

I've been told that seeing a person on the third day of CNY 
ends in fighting with them the whole year.

Quite bullshit since that would be the family? 
you see them 365 days a year what.
Sure to fight la, but not all year long?

AAH whatever la, scold me one more time and I shall become immune lor.
I hate crying when my moods so good.
Not only spoiling my mood but everyone else's. 
even when i have good intentions, i get scolded.

i feel so loved. 

and when someone hurts you or makes you angry its even worse when they talk to you afterward as if nothing had happened?
good lord, its so so irritating? and more hurtful.

cause' everything I do is never good enough.
never right. everything is wrong.

It makes me feel,.. like I was an accident that you are now paying debts for.

*even if its my fault, there's no need to be mean.I'm not some jargon who doesn't understand english.

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