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Friday, March 12


As with most girls, shopping is probably one topic that gets thrown onto the table alot,
and most of the time, ITS ALL ABOUT CLOTHES and looking pretty.

Before I got my driving license, I used to go shop with my mom @ Ou every Sunday la.
Well, almost every Sunday. You know what the crowds are like kan?

And after I entered college and got driving privileges?
no way am I going to a bloody packed shopping mall with crap loadsa humans(or so they seem)
pushing and snapping things you wanna see, hogging the toilets and changing rooms and OH blocking the bloody aisle, in which you'd ALSO like to browse?

Yhea, shopping not all so peachy ain't it. 
I discovered that shopping malls on Mondays? 
Prolly the best time ever to shop. New stuffs in, crowds not much. OH JOY!

But then right? You also have to drive there, sit in a somewhat jam (cuz Malaysia has too many cars and crappy roads everywhere which take hell-u-va long time to fix) AAAAH, parking la, tol la. babiness. 

And then a savior called Ms Chan introduced me and Miss Vina to online shopping! woohoo.shop from home.

which is like Soooo-per easy and all you need is of course a bank account. If you're a super lazy ass who likes to sleep, much like myself (: Do online banking? Its even faster and furthermore, you will not have to even leave your house to go to the bank. hahaha. super cheat?

honestly, its the best!

I've had my fair share of bad blogshops alright, mainly lush serendepity? Yhea, won't even link. 

The owner is really unprofessional and to top it off really cocky, personally i can stand cocky-ness; but hey! I'm a customer ere, I pay you shit loads more cash than what you actually pay for those "items" *clothes,shoes, etcetc
Then, like damn disappointed la right? 
And its even more disappointing, when the person turns out to be rude and the items look wayyyy different from what you ordered. (Disclaimer: noone in particular)

But recently, I went on abit of a S-P-L-U-R-G-E.
(: *guilty*

Online shopping splurge of course. 
There are good blogshops after all! (:

Firstly, Kiss and Tell

owned by Xiang. 
She was back from Aussie at the time.
We agreed for a COD at Mayang area, and she was though she was late, she informed me wayy earlier!
I even managed to squeeze in a shower (as I was headed out)
Totally professional. 
And mind you, it was slightly dark outside (approx 8pm)
she even drove up to my house and hand the item to me (:

Pure dedication. Definitely will go back 

Secondly, there's 

The owner, Ade was super nice. 
Super helpful 
and super efficient! 
She replied me ASAP 
and was honest with the items. 
And when I asked for further photo's, she send 'em
almost instantly. 

Blogshop's like these, make it so wonderful to shop online. 

Heavens For Angels.

Back when my dad was in the hospital, my mom ordered a bag from her.
And since it was SJMC, and she could COD there, we changed the location. 
Though a lill bit of a last minute thing on our behalf, 
she gladly agreed and came right up to the entrance to deliver the bag. 

Lately, I inquired with her about a dress. 
After asking a few things, she concurred that the item 
might not fit me all that well. Yea, you see; I have a bust line
which doesn't know I'm 5'1. -.-" seriously
She was honest with me, and very gracious when I said I no longer wanted the item. (:
If something fits, I'm definitely buying. 

Average Joe Supplies!

So I love, spongebob! (: 
yes i am childish, I LIKE~
my boyflen also don't complain. erh not much la kayy. 

And when I saw this! ZOMG! cant stop.
have to buy.

Hands typing inquiry......too late... bought. (:
My Guilty Pleasure for February. 

And, The Average Joe himself, got lost trying to get to my area. 

But he got there anyways, and the poor dude rushed for I had to go off somewhere.

Awesome service! Joe, can I please get the domo as well? 

Damnit! someone please donate me the damn set! :D 

So ingenius, so comel,... i think i'm addicted nao. 
why's everything so cute
PS; my cousin sister stole one of my spongebob pins. so nao the other one is lonely. /:

Conclusion : 
Dear Buyers, no matter how much you like certain items. Not everything i's meant for you.
Som things don't suit, some don't fit and some just aren't meant for you. (: But if you find a seller you like! Try going back, or asking them to bring it it diff sizes,colours, patters next time! You never know. You might just get what get something even better

Dear Sellers, we all have crabby days kan?
I myself have a blogshop which sells off all my old stuff. and yhea,... I'm sooper busy till i forget i have a blogshop sometimes. But customers are always generous to buy/buy more/pay more when they're happy. Some shops still have my change, and even if I dont buy any items in the future, they can take it as a tip (: and I'll gladly give it to 'em. 

But if the blogshop owner is rude? FORGEDDDIT. gimme back my change NAO!! its that kinda principle of being nice? That's really all it takes, to get buyers to come back. 

My 1st ever online purchase was from Dainty Dresser, and she was efficient and very very nice.
I don't fit alot of her stuff cuz she's so darn tiny, but I love her items, and if they came in my sizes and (werent') snapped up so quickly. I"D DEFFO get them! (:

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