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Tuesday, March 30

fong kong aaaa:D :D :D

Yes, I know I veli CHIIII-NAAAAH. (;

 warau,everything is in this series O.O!! and yes 
Iread too much Cheeserland. But I LIKE! :D sho funny
Internship is coming to an end!
I could not be any happier,
even though I do not like this line as much as I expected to,
I did have good times, good lessons and good memories. 

Sunshine gets brighter, 
I now read newspapers on a daily basis and not just weekends. 
I have decided to peruse writing a little bit more, 
My vocab needs an overhaul and I think reading a 
dictionary is not too bad an idea. 
Perhaps even a hobby?

I know this line pays, oh-boy does it pay!
But its not for me somehow. Its that stupid gut feeling that doesn't go away
..... OOOOH , just till you accept that its right and you're hmmmm,.... WRONG! -___-"

thank you gut! HMMPH!
verbal diarrhoea is not my cup of tea, but i can sure give it a go!
anyone wanna donate me a dictionary for a meal? :D 

SO! My lovely classmates who do tune in to 
andd yes, fyi I was 16 with A1 english marks and still spelt chronicles wrongly. 
*paiseh max* 

How did you spend internship?
And where will you guys head next?
Vina is off to UK, Alex as well ):(thats for Vina, not you alex! budak lambat 100%)
Hmm, event management. 
I do like you alott! Your like a crush that keeps me coming back...

Pr, you are like ex-boyfriends! Memories but thats all you are. Liked but no longer loved.

Journalism, the terminally-ill lover; loved but also fear. Fear I am not the best for you.

And btw people of DMC09 and other classmates (:
Friday the 2nd / Good Friday is when we must choose our electives. 
OOh, good friday. 
Dear Lord, please aid me in the dilemma of what to study. 
Of course I want to do well. But I also don't want to study the wrong thing and regret it. 
Well, won't regret much since I'll definitely learn smthg. But as it pertains my meal ticket for the future.... Hence the dilemma. 
I need an answer. 
exoh Amelia *the short noisy one from PJ,Malaysia*  

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Sassy said...

Hi Melia! I'll start the ball rolling. I had an okay internship. Haha... Not too bad. Did a fair bit of designing and writing amongst other things. How was yours? And by the way, Happy April Fools' day. Did you get pranked?