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Monday, March 1

Sharing is so much better

So I was just scouting through some online news,
and lo and behold!
I've found a tiny gold ingot in that big old pot.

So I've decided to share it with you since, I find its really true (: 

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Taken from TheStarOnline's website link

click to see the whole article. But its basically here minus the photo.
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BFF - that's the term being bandied around these days. It stands for Best Friends Forever and is famously profiled by celebrity pairs like Oprah and Gail, Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox, Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz and Matthew McConaughey and Lance Armstrong (yes, guys too can have BFFs or bromances), as well as a host of other stars.

This is probably one of those rare occasions when celebrities are just like us, after all, who among us can't live without our 'best friend.'Being a best friend especially when we were kids was like THE most important thing. And the most hurtful thing your best friend could have said to you then was, 'I don't friend you anymore!'
That was then, but I don't think things have changed much. Every woman has a best friend; it's just that calling the girlfriend that's closest to you a 'best friend' is a bit naff, so us grown ups don't say it, but we think it all the time. But the words don't have to be said, because you will always know who your best friend is.
A best friend is the person, who you can call to come to your house and remove a dead 'cicak' and she in turn will call on you to drown a cockroach in 'Baygon.' (i know all my bff's are going, "OMG, so Amelia! HAAHAHHA")
She's the person who will help you through a breakup - listen for hours to the same sob story and never judge, except only to say "I told you so," (and the thing is, you won't mind) and she will come with empty boxes to your house and pack up all the ‘memories' from your ex-relationship that's not helping the ‘move on' process. (So SO SOOOOO true!)
She will drive you to the airport at 5am in the morning without making you feel guilty for waking her up. She is the person who you have the most fun doing silly things with. (Soon loves, soon)
She is the one your boyfriend has to win over before you can be assured the relationship will work. She is the one whose opinion most matters and who you will allow to be critical of the things you do, but will still support you even if she doesn't agree. (Dear BF's whoever you may be. Mine or theirs. Sorry in advanced, you've been warned!)
She's your best friend and you'd never want for anything when you have one of those by your side. They say diamonds are forever but I'm of a different opinion. (♥♥♥ I wuw you guys!)
Here's the difference between a best friend and a friend, which was summed up in one of those forwarded emails I received but just had to include.
Friend: Calls your parents by Mr. and Mrs. Best friend: Calls your parents dad and mum.
Friend: Has never seen you cry Best friend: Has always had the best shoulder to cry on
Friend: Never asks for anything to eat or drink Best friend: Opens the fridge and makes herself at home (♥ only Xian la, but then again she's been my "tenant" since form3! ahhaha kidding babe, exoh! but then again, most kawans don't do this cuz for Asian's its not polite kan? Xian, you excluded ady frm this.)
Friend: Asks you to write down your number. Best friend: They ask you for their number (cos they can't remember it) (selalu jugak!)
Friend: Borrows your stuff for a few days then gives it back. Best friend: Has a closet full of your stuff (ehehehehe, usually thats me la)
Friend: Only knows a few things about you Best friend: Could write a biography on your life story (they also dunwan la, I'm such a boring person)
Friend: Will leave you behind if that is what the crowd is doing Best friend: Will always go with you
Cheers to all the best friends of the world!
Written by SheSays!

so so true (:
Best friends forever?
I love you guys!
Exoh and apologies for any mistakes, wrongness or things I've done that hurt you and don't apologize for.
And and, for being a bad friend.  

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