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Monday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day (:

As with every year (almost anyhoo),

I tend to forget its Momma's Day till all the hype comes out.
To me birthdays & anniversaries are the two things you shouldn't forget.


I ain't no good with poems,
I can't exactly draw or design to save my ass.
All I can do is conceptualize and portray words well.

Always have had a gift with words, and I am still wondering how to harness it.

It comes when it likes and goes to sleep when its not in the mood.
Hmm, makes me a 50/50 writer i suppose.
Cannot have ON days all the time.

So this year, I dragged an unsuspecting victim along and went for early shopping for mom's day.
And by early, I mean 10am on the day itself.
Told you sem6 is busy.

As mom was sick, dinner was not a sure thing. Kesian.
So headed to the curve for a bit of browsing. For the love of ***** I wasted time in MNG, Esprit and even the bloody watch shop -___-"

When I saw the Body Shop, it was like "ZOMG *smacks forehead* Amelia Ho you damn stupid lorh, this shop memang solves all shopping problems"

I gave the girl a 300rm budget and told her I wanted to make me own basket.
Summore The Body Shop packages the items rawrsomely! seriously.

And since my brother didnt wanna split a 90rm lily bouquet wimme, I decided aaah, we all love Body Shop stuffs, okeh lor. seems worth while.

So after wasting like 3 hours getting distracted by the fleamarket, stuff i have too much of (clothes,makeup,bags,...everything lorr) and DAISO (major trap, so cheep makes me wanna buy the damn store; junk and usable stuff!) we managed to get our asses over to Jaya Grocer to shop for the victims mom.

Sweet thing decided to cook, and actually killed 3birds with one stone.
1) Mom happy.
2) sister got belated bday present.
3) bro's friend got yummer zummers food

only thing is one brother not happy he got less cheese /:

For dindin's mom was feeling loads better, so we headed to TCM for some Sushi Tei.
Mom loves Sushi Tei.
And my family has this weird love affair with Japanese food.
I have extended version; junk food pun obsess!

And they package everything so pretty, how can you not wanna go OM NOM NOM /:

aihx, so photos of food loves.
we polished everything off superbly fast.
Lucky the food was quick. Sho Sho 'ungrey!

red passion

Oh and btw, the bouquet of carnations was from ze brother.

till next time, xoxo

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