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Saturday, May 8

I Love New Stuff! :D

Yes as the title states, I love new stuff! 
especially if its a gadget and exclusive for me me me! (well, some others got it too laa..)

Teehee, so I'm guessing you guys are thinking what this whack-job here got ey?

Well I'll let you in on a few clues.

1) its a gadget laaa (& if you are not blind, you will see it somewhere ere!)
2)  it has cooler games than my other gadgets. 
3)  it takes RRAAAWRR-SOME photos 
4) its got even RawrSome-er sound! Imagine me playing my electro beats blasting mad loud, and yeaps no static shizz interfering. :D 
5) still dunno? aiya, you can then wait till next time! 


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