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Monday, May 10

Lately I...


hahahaha, sorry bout that, mine screamed too. its name is PP.
Don't ask me why... Okay, its cause I like lorr? (: *i still Love Yeww

If only I could paste my emoticon's from msn here!  They're so M-E!

I know I've been a bad blogger, always updating on facebook cause pictures are worth a thousand words! (: heehee

SOOO, I'mma paste some photo's and update you briefly okay.

Sorry my loveliess! But semester 6 is hectic and we have mad events to keep up with.
Kesian those who take both Event Management and CSR(corporate social responsibility)
Its double trouble larh.

My lovely 7 expresses emotions differently (:
Its refreshing, I appreciate it. 
In fact I love it
Thank you for loving me.

 This is Chen's new friend. Meet Char Siew. Apparently C.S is Imba. 

 The First Photo we used the Sony Vivaz to take. not bad . 
Sorry Chuenny, I is lazy to photoshop. must show HD what :P

Holy Rosary Church in KL is awesome ♥ 
Beauty I cannot capture. 

My life is now recorded with this. It needs wifi. But blasting songs with it 
is orgasmic!
I blasting music when I am princessing, 
bored, kenot sleep, online*cuz my lappie sound decided to go on indefinite leave...  
T.T !!

Thankiu for saving me. Cuz when I princess (tengah being vain-pot maksima) 
my sayangs all wait lama lama if I don't have a song on to remind me of time.
I tend to use songs to judge time wan. 
for example 1song = 3-4 mins. 
4 songs = 12-16 mins (:

works for me. you try! Confirm work wan. Paling lama pun 20mins. 

If you can see that, its 18sx, LOL. but sho funneh.
my mom collects pigs like mad! Imagine I give her this one (if i ever find one LOL. E-P-I-C-N-E-S-S  

I was actually searching for a fact confirmation. 
Cuz I read www.omg-facts.com and saw that
"A pigs penis is shaped like a corkscrew"

zomg like super imba cute?
Means its Peen is like its curly wurly spring tail? 
and then I saw that, I laughed at the screen for a good 20mins (: 
I don't need to be dirty minded ler, its straightforward max! 

Btw, today I saw a kiwi bird around Du area. 
Did anyone lose it? 
I hope it didn't kena run over. 

it stopped in front of a kancil, and the kancil panic and stopped. waiting for the lil'
guy to move. I went one round around the round about and kancil was still waiting. 
hmmm, sho cute! Bii, can we adopt? :D

this thingy is my dinner from the pre-wedding. 
see that pelik brown thingy? 

It is the mini-mini-mini-EST-test sotong I has ever seen! 
So mini till my macro kenot capture ):
this photo was the best d. booohoo~ 

The things beside it in green are cili padi's /: small nuff anot. 
I felt so kesian I didnt eat it. ): 

Overfishing lerh! If you keep fishing mini mini sotong, one day we will have no sotong at all!
same goes with tree's, fishes, any animals too! ):

Also people! Stop using plastic? (:
I know rm 24.90 is alot. but some supermarkets have free one's or RM1 one's! (:

Better than paying RM0.50 every Saturday you forget! 

And recycle also. 
recycled paper processing uses 70% less energy. 
Also less carbon footprints

Don't believe me? Go to http://www.pattfoundation.org/what-we-do/carbon-offsets/index.php to calculate your Carbon Footprints! 
After all, turning down air-conds sure ain't happening ere!. 
And like the amount of people who do gardening is really low. 

If we don't change now, 2012 will just quicken up. At least you could say you 
contributed & tried.

 my ah lian-ness exposed. 
in grand uncles house in lorong awan 7 OUG. 
his garden is ♥ 

my father camwhoring also. :D heehee
I love you daddy ♥ 

 typical wtfomgbbq face.
my boobies look senget /: 
daymn. is okeh, I actually have boobs in the first place (:

Meet the 'rents!
This is normal okay. 

We are normal people, 
staying in a normal 2storey terrace house. 
I do not live in IMBA mansion. sorry. 


See seee! sometimes photo space kenot share wan!

 I kenot get enough of this awesome staircase! 
I want a replica in my home someday ♥ 

Beauty from 1950

my hair is always liddis, why? 

anyways, xoxo. till next time ♥  

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