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Monday, May 10

Lookiee Cookieee!

I am currently the proud "owner" (temporary la) lovely baby! 

In silver, cuz got no pink. 
That cause I know you people who know me confirm ask "WTH, somethings wrong with this girl! Got pink didn't request"

Haha, if yes then you know me too well larh! 
Cuz I would die-die also fight for the pink one! 

I am (extra dextra confirmed) pink-a-holic. 
No joke. 
After a love-hate affair. Pink has come back as my no1 lover again. 

I love the fact that phones and loads-a gadjets (Eg: Lappies, PSP's, NDSL, camera's and even kitchen ware and cars) are PINK PINK PINK!

of  course I love electric blue, silver-grey and turqoise but PINK is the ♥! 

OOH thank you Alcatel for bringing in a PINK phone @ RM599 :D 

ps, can release same one but version 2.0? with wifi :D
as a student in college, we rather use our phones to check stuff cuz its hassle free (:
Sorry, but its the honest truth. Add the wifi option and its a uber confirm winner.

the music is BOMB-a-Licious btw! 

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