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Monday, May 10


According to one person, I am bitchy and that person hates bitchiness in women/females.

Open your eyes please, look a little closer. I do believe having a bad attitude at times is not a crime.
I do believe I'm not alone. I think you are blind, as much as you don't like me, I'm not a bad person. That I can at least say for myself. Selfish and maybe I always take things for granted, that is human nature. I admit I'm not a saint.

I know I too hurt people (even if I don't mean to), and say things I want to take back 5seconds late(but what you said, has been said; Fact-you cannot take them back)

Why do you have to tear me down, when I can look like a brick wall but be fragile as glass?

Just because we don't see eye to eye, is not justified enough. Do we even talk much?

One day I'll give up trying to connect, envying people around me and just say "Goodbye, I give up"

All I can say is "I'm sorry". I hate to give up, but trying really hurts. More than it should.

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