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Wednesday, June 30

A little bit of narcissism.

I know I've been neglecting this space we call a blog for quite a while,
but I have been writing in college. So have a read at this column for class. 

exoh darlings!  


Narcissism is basically self praise. We deny it, yet bask ourselves in its warmth. We claim to hate it yet hate to submit the facts. Everyone! Regardless of age, gender, height and whatever other humanly possible measurements you can think of.

So, how do we begin to realize we are indeed in our own little ways narcissist? One sure sign is by the way we dress, the trends we follow, the make up we pile onto our faces (the ladies mostly, and some men). Why do we have this itch to wake up early and force ourselves into the bathroom and get “beautiful”?

Who said that was beautiful? Who said YOU were beautiful? Your mummy, well my mummy told me that too. But did everyone else?

This author thinks that being Asian and furthermore, Malaysian, we are so different, basically were shy and pent up, always demure and polite; sometimes it’s a shell. What we think is beautiful, what we deem to be the best. Is that the best, is that pretty? Did your mom tell you the truth?

Oh self-esteem, we both adore you and adhor you. We puff, prod and squeeze into outfits sizes too small. We force ourselves into pants that make thighs beg for mercy, and air. Yes male species, you are not excluded. Is it a denial of our true selves? Perhaps, but why then do we continue being narcissist?

Simple, we love ourselves more than we love others. For it is true, that one cannot love another if they do not first learn to love themselves. So my fellow narcissist, fret not. For to love, we must first have self-love! Be narcissistic, admit to it. Enjoy it, but try not to suffocate the others around you. Or they will just get annoyed and probably try to hurt you.

 So dear readers and fellow narcissist, you see now that this isn’t a bad thing.  It is in fact a very common thing that we all experience and go through. We just need to realize that this isn’t always a bad thing; however there is a thin line which separates it from a bad thing. Just prod away, with caution.  Don’t prod till the point of no return, or in other words plastic surgery. You could end up a as another plastic-zilla and th

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