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Wednesday, June 30

My Parents


HAAHAA! epic mom moments. 


My Parents,

I know I complain about them, I rant, I wail and I make way too much noise.

Call me ungrateful, I like most of us play the role of the spoilt brat, the princess of a child. (Prince for some of you out there).

But this year, its 2010. And like all you 1990’s babies, I’m 20.

No more a teen, bye-bye teen-age-ages.

Working life is creeping in, and I’m not exactly excited about it. In fact cute shiny stickers make me more excited! I haven’t a clue if I’m normal.

Heck, what is NORMAL anyhoo.

Well, enough of my blabbering off to oblivion, lets get back to the topic of my parents.

They’re the people who’ve given you life. And I am lucky to even have a set of parents! We take them for granted; they love us too much for our own good and spoil us till we are insatiable.

I admit I am spoilt, I admit I am one who has on countless occasions taken my parents for granted. But as I am 20, and assuming that in the future I myself have children, it puts things in a very different perspective. I talk about having a career, a life, a car, a house, a husband, a family. But then I realize, that to my parents I am part of that plan ,… that dream. That life they choose.

It is true they were not able to choose their children, but they could choose to or not to love you. And my parents among the many have always provided an abundance of love, of attention, of anything I’d have needed or wanted.

Truth be told, money is not as fluid as it seems. In my short but filling life, I’ve seen my family dive in and out of financial downfall. When the economy goes, it’s the working class people like us that go first. In short, we get poor.

My parents are not flawless; my father is sometimes too hot headed, too egotistical. And my mother sometimes plays the “God card” (I pay for this, I do this so I am deserving etcetc). I play the spoilt child card and my brother,… erm we don’t get along all that well. But he is blood. They are blood, blood is forever. So we suck it up and move on.

My parents are the one’s I’ve turned to when friends turn the other way. Being someone with my sometimes too fiery personality and spoilt attitude does garner attention, but at the end of the day I’ve always had a best friend. Besides,.. well my mom. And sometimes my lame dad who all my friends seem to love. (:

But after entering college and sorts, the best friends you knew leave for abroad. The friends you make are close but somehow you have a problem or difficulty letting them in. And those you do let in, well,… they’re leaving too. You feel like you have no friends, you feel lost and need a hug, but no one’s there to give you one.  Hear the heavy sigh’s?

My mom is the sole bread winner in our family, and I was previously quite ashamed to admit that, even to myself. But she’s been my role model,.. she’s strong. She doesn’t give up easily. And somehow, though I realize my mother is somewhat a superwoman, she’s working till now. She’s 50+ and yet fighting hard for our lives. My mother is always determined, and never takes a no in business. People who have worked with her tell me that “OmG, your mom is awesome!”
I really want to cry.

My father is the one always fitting me into his schedule. He ferry’s me everywhere. From friend’s houses to college, to school and to anywhere I needed. He might not be the sole breadwinner but I got an actual father figure, I have a dad, most of my friends do not. They have fathers who do not communicate and are just ATM’s. My dad cooks, cleans and most importantly communicates with me. He’s lame but hilarious.

And when I attend things like funerals and weddings, I feel a slight pain. What if tonight my parents leave this earth? What if my parents leave without seeing me be somebody. Without me telling them how much I love them? These are the things that sometimes haunt me at night, they make me cry myself to sleep and yet I tell no one. Best friends? Boyfriend? No one knows. But whoever reads this? Congrats, I’ve officially cried in front of you. Feel honoured, for I absolutely adhor crying in front of anyone.

So to my parents, to my loved ones.
Even if you have never met me,. But somehow we know each other.
I love you.

Especially to my parents,
I love you mom and dad,
And I know I don’t say it often,
But I truly do love you.

I see the things you give up to give kor and I a good life,
I see the things we do that piss you off,
The worry in those eyes,
The white hair that stems from what we do.

Thank you for loving me,
Thank you for giving up the things you had, for us;
Thank you for making us the priority,
For spoiling us, even when we do not deserve or appreciate it.
I enjoy dinner with you, just watching teevee and criticising the contestants! (:
Taking a nap with you just like when I was little,
Short or long drives, chit chats, shopping, family holidays and just time,
Priceless, precious time.

Thank you, I love you.
You guys are the greatest parents, the greatest lovers;
I have seen. You mean the world to me.

And when I am able, please let me in turn do what you have done for me.

*ps; at this moment they are debating what my class time is tmrw. LOL!

 sho cute! ^^v


Sassy said...

That was one touching post. I wanna cry! *hugs* You're much loved, babe. And yes, parents are awesome! =)

jacQ said...

very touching and nice one babe. me sayang you. i feel it. :'(

Friend-expert said...

your paretns look like a good friends