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Tuesday, July 27

Nights Like These 26/07/10

Its nights like these, 
where i think about mortality, age, time and what truly defines it.

Truth be told, we feel time is fixed, it isn't its relative. 
When you are happy, it passes ever so quickly.

When you are lower than an eels belly, 
oh, it drags on and on and on. 

Post on mortality and weird sleeping habits soon. 

for now, Its a night where I wonder how I'll ever be somebody.

how I'll ever be successful in anything I do. 

How I can fail time after time,
and when I finally pick myself up and reassure myself, I'll be okay. 

Someone has to kill my self confidence, my self esteem, self image. 
And then, I just want to curl up and cry myself to sleep wishing everything really 
will be okay. 

But,.. it won't.
You wake up and realize. 
It wasn't a dream. 
and that you still have to fix it.

but,.. when,.... now?

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