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Sunday, October 3

Au Sujet De Moi ♥

Hey guys,

I know I've been on and off the grid alot.
Between work, events and being lazy and inspiration-less.

Makes Amelia a very boring girl ):
And so the boring girl does not want you to be bored by me anymore.

So since the boring girl has been out makan-ing like crazy. I have decided to kick me arse into blogging about some food for ya'll (:

I hope you get hungry!
No, like seriously man.
Cause if you don't I'll be like super depress. hahahhaa.

I love you readers (: You guys are awesome.

Watch out for MYC! magazine, you just might see my articles there soon.

Much Love!

A few photo's of whats been going on in life.

 saw this on a statement t in brand outlet @ Curve

a 5storey slide which we didn't get to play with Lizzie before she left ):

Pai Tee @ Rumah Peranakan in ss23.

Donashi at the office brought by sweet sweet Jade (:

 Lomo donashi

my very gorgeous mommy (:
Bibi Yam

Bar Sonic with Li Chuen, Edwin, Kenneth and Derek on the 25th of Sept.
After the Hugo Boss launch event (:

 Sonic for Lizzie R!

 in my favourite colour (:

Can you guess where this is?



Aah turqoise, so calming.

If you haven't guessed yet, its the wall behind the dj console at Velvet (:
DJ ken was good that night (:

Plus we bumped into Qx and Junee, what a small world!

Whenever, you cross my mind. Paramore's song "The only exception"
keeps playing in my head.

And it goes, "...cause darling, you are the only exception"
Over and over
Its a sign 

The woman who's always up for anything! ♥

 in the office

lizzie's farewell @ Marmalade, Bangsar Village 2.
26th Sept 2010

Today, on the 3rd of October,
Alvina left for the UK.
I miss you babe!
I really feel like crying.

gorgeous (:

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