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Sunday, October 3

Robot Sushi! @ Sunway Pyramid

About a week back, I got an invite to head down to Robot Sushi's grand opening. 
All thanks to MYC! (: YAAAAY MYC, I LOVE YOU!
Robot Sushi @ Sunway Pyramid
(At Blue Entrance to Sunway Lagoon)
OB3.LG2.1B, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway,
46150 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03-5622 1343
Operating Hours
10am-12am daily 

okay okay, I have a feeling you guys are going, OH MY GAWD. 
Another Japanese restaurant? Uh-Yeah-*stone*........... and so?
Yes, Amelia apa sangat interesting ni?
Well, let me tell you. This place is no average, common Japanese eatery!
NO sir, its modern with a touch of the traditional
Its chic and yet comfortable, its not often you find that! I'll vouch for that!

Its absolutely delicious, mouth watering and *i promise* will not burn a hole in your pocket!

So, its win 1, win 2 and win 3!
If you are not yet convinced no worries, drop by Robot Sushi any day of the week.
Maybe you'll hit Back to School Thursdays?
mm-hmmm, Robot Sushi has theme nights all week!
How cute is that?
Perfect for having a birthday really. The theme's already there. 


With a dj spinning beats all nights, tell me you won't have a good time!
With sister companies Darabif and Gelare, Robot Sushi is bound to make a splash (:
Here are some photo's to make you a tad bit hungry. 
Just looking at them, is making me hungry too. 
 Yummy bento box with signature teriyaki black pepper chicken and salmon garlic fried rice!
This was super nyommers!

Mr Wan Hazreek Putra Hussain Yusuf, the Managing Director of Robot Sushi,
he used to be a corporate banker but is now an established businessman running Darabif Groups of Companies which include Robot Sushi, Darabif Burger and Gelare.

 Sashimi gets extra big big photo's because they were so juicy, so plump, so THICK! so FRESH!
OMAIGAWD! GIMME SASHIMI PLS. i swear i can survives on just sashimi!
Darn, I'm starting to drool on my lappie.

tako tako tako (:
So adorable. Personally, I am not a fan of tako. But it does look delish!

 More sushi. Sadly, everyone already sapu'd this. You know la, Malaysians.
So I also didn't get to try this ):
Maybe next time?
I see my favourite unagi. AAAH unagi is awesome!

Handrolls, house specialities. 

a special cocktail, especially for that night.
according to the waitress, this was only for one night.
I feel so VIP!
haahaa, yes I know I am lame

The dj console! 

This i took with my lomo, so you can see some salmon garlic fried rice!
It was devine!

This was sorta like gyoza. But it was more of a shrimp version.

Attended the event with Edwin Chan of www.clickclickculinary.com

All photo's credited to CCC, minus the last two (:

Thank you Robot Sushi for a wonderful experience.
Thank you MYC! and Go Comm for the invites.

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