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Wednesday, November 3

Ahh sweet template (:

This Template

Designed by a dear friend a few years back, even though I get a little bored of seeing it too often, I still LOVE IT *bigbiggrins*

Thankiu BeatriceWSY! You're an awesome designer

On another note, I'm looking for a job till February, anyone looking to hire a Mass Comm grad from IACT? Preferably in journalism or media lines.
Basically the word Mass Comm says it all la right? I do everything,... uhhh almost! Hahaha, almost almost *smirks nothing dirty people.

Also, Kimmy is looking for a job too, she loves designing, anime and anything Japanese (: She comes with super organized and with a very blurr-yet-innocent demeanor.

I wonder if its because I'm Chinese, but I feel so useless right now.

Not to mention extremely bored, I miss the girls loads as well. Haven't been able to see them much. And not to mention, half of them have flown off already.

Alvina, Rach,Lizzie in the UK
Susu in The Land Of Oz
Sighhh ):

I feel left behind, I think I need a hug....

butbutbut, boobooyeo is coming back soon (: I can't wait to meet up, longlong overdue. And Darren should be back by the years end right?

Ohh well, at the moment my best friends circle seems to dry up, sad to say.

I feel I'm becoming a pest, constantly bugging the friends here for a meet up ):
Dear friends, I love you, sorry for being a pest. *ashamedface*

At least some are here eye?
and the dearest most silly boyfriend has been my excellent bff, I don't want to get clingy....
cuz cuz cuz,...

when he moves to Singapore I'll be crying worse than a rain cloud; and everyone knows I gets goldfish eyes! NOOOOOOOO~

At least I has my doggy woggy to teman me when I become emokid#1!

Okay no more non-existent-ramblings and back to blog stalking, do not laugh!
You do it too.



Chuen said...

our circle left 3 orang. 1 will fly off in Jan. then left us 2. rawr. the last pic is freaky

she rocks your socks :) said...

heh heh, i know! i likes the freaky aspect. its ok, we js berbonding more la ahaha js dont border on becoming lesbo can d. after no guys want us how ):

Chuen said...

LOL! u suda ada no need worry :P

chrischaos said...

this template is nice!@ and simple

Watch Anime Online said...

lol....defff a need to worry dude! lmao...omg

she rocks your socks :) said...

@ chuen - hahaha yao mouuu

@ chris chaos - thank you (:

@ watch anime online - about?

Anonymous said...

cute template

she rocks your socks :) said...

@ lucidthinking - thank you (:

whatsmyname1989 said...

this is awesome! did you use one of the given templates or find this one online? i'm a new blogger!!

she rocks your socks :) said...

@ whatsmyname1989 - it was custom made by a friend actually (: WELCOME TO BLOGGING! aaah thanks for being a follower, hahaha you are awesome, of that I'm positive!