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Friday, February 25

25th February 2011

Just so things are clear? Aight?

All stories have 2 sides, yes?
And my blog is just like a story book, I'm the author.

The difference is a story book is planned out and is fiction. 
It can therefore be changed at will. Or as per your imagination.

To me;
It is not a place to make money,
neither is it a place for me to start propaganda.

Rather, this space of HTML's and codes are just for me.
Much like a diary, except that its open for all you's to read.

It may not be an everyday account, but at least when I look back
I'll see that I did at least have a life!

I'm not a person who blogs so very often, I do it when I can write.

And I write best, *sad to say* when I feel very strongly about things.
It may be politics, rights or life. 

Mostly it is life. It may not be a very accurate portrayal.
but all this space does, is it free's me. It helps me release the words that I just cannot say.

It brings me peace, it is therapeutic. 

I am deeply and truly sorry if you read and are hurt. However, I am sure there are those who will go,...
"Hey, I'm not alone! This is how I feel too. This girl gets it"

And if you are not happy, you are free to comment or to contact me and reprimand me. 
I will not condemn that. 

But for all of you who know and who read. 
Thank you. And I hope in some way, somehow; you will understand.

On a lighter note! Check these sites I found!

-Life is difficult, when I'm around

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