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Wednesday, March 2

2nd March 2011

I just can't do it,
being your friend?

Nu-uh. I don't need another non-existent "friend"

What I need is a man. Yea that man that used to say I was everything.

Because? Well because, being your friend is a stick in the arse. Yes it is!
It is a pain in the ass and in the heart. Frankly I don't need it.

You love me, okay. HOW MUCH? HOW DEEP?

You miss me, I don't think so. But maybe yea just maybe.

I need you, well top of the corner to ya, you obviously don't need me.

Thanks, thanks alot.

There is a theory you know, about the amount of love in a relationship being equivalent to the amount of hate after. Well, starting to become very true.

See this? Yea! Change the face to >:


Woman_Empowered/Soulfully said...

This a beautiful poem, and I so enjoyed reading this. You know this has just made me think that a lot of times women want to be loved the exact way that we love, but we fail to realize that men love simply. We are very complex and emotional beutiful beings and we should be loved the way we love. Once again this is beautiful.:)

she rocks your socks :) said...


- thank you love! (: women are complex, but we deserve love regardless.

Narimène Nary said...