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Monday, April 25


Dear all, due to a seriously shitty hectic schedule,

I'm actually doing more and more work, on my semester break!? #%^&*())(*&^ yes I HEAR YOU!

So thank you for dropping by, leave me a comment, a link or a message and I'll do me best to reply.

Oh and all the emo stuff? GONE :D
Im happy as a whistle and doing fantastic, and hungry. So off to work work work, and foooddd!

Ciaos miaos.

*if you follow this blog ans add me on Facebook, pls specify or I'll reject.



vectorstyle said...

hello amelia, this is my first visit


student_gourmand said...

the best cure for a shitty, hectic schedule is good food. so eat up and good luck xx

Tommy said...

I love the layout! :)

sunshine coast florist said...

It is a very nice post

Amelia said...

hey! thanks for the comments (: I'm guessing this is a global sorta problem ey? hahaha I've checked out yr sites too loves!

thanks for the support.

teena_chan said...

hi amelia , this my first visit I like your blog and your writing style

she rocks your socks :) said...

@teena chan - hey you, please drop by more okay. email me your link :D