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Saturday, May 21


I decided to be bitchy and just delete. Anyways I don't enjoy being spammed with hurtful stuff every morning..

Its that damn shit feeling of you turning someone into a great partner and then someone else reaps the benefits! Its not that I'm not over it. Its that I'm can't get over the fact that I'm so so easy to get over? And and, well. PDA I cannot other people can. Photos and Fb for 16months cannot someone else can. WTF is your problem BIIITCH. -.- Seriously balls man. Such a hypocrite.

Not that I'm perfect. But you are a major hypocrite. Its good you're not for me. I'm better than you (:
Even if I am demanding, spoilt, difficult and  ugrhh *psycho* You're still the arse. beech

tis be balls! I say


yes I've watched Pirates of the Caribbean 4.

Mermaids be bangin
Penelope be bangin
Johnny be bangin!
even the priest is pretty handsome.

What's not to love!? hahahaha. Oh Mon Dieu. Whatever will I do with myself!



Barbosa & Jack <3 ohh jack

 mau5 :D 

All photos by www.google.com
Deadmau5 photos grabbed from MOS Fb credits - Andy Kho


Xian@sSeanna said...

Oh babe...of coz u're better!!
and why is mau5 suddenly join the pirates party!! hahaa...nice mau5!! pirates too!

Amelia said...

refer to the next post (:

hahahha, mau5 photos are just too too gorgeous! and pirates was totally on my mind <3