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Sunday, May 22

This question be lingering in my mind.

Did we just waste our goddamnned time? 

Cuz its sad but all I remember is the hurt. For all the good memories? Empty promises are all that reside. I'm human and I truly wish you the best. I truly don't want us back. But I am absolutely furious at myself for feeling hurt. Because I let myself feel like a number. You were my first romance, but what else?

But that does not mean that your actions prior and after don't account.
In fact, the actions after are what make my good memories turn into nightmares.

Truly, I know I am better than this.
I'm know I am stunning, in more ways than one. Amazing as a human being because I am unique and I am not afraid. And yet at the end of the day, I let you of all people, you! Bring me down. Foolish.

Just please, leave me alone. And stop flaunting yourselves in my face. I may not have a new man on my arm, but that's just because I'm fair to my other half. Its not a competition, so why try to win the race?

They shattered like a glass hitting a hard surface. When photo's turned up. I hate that people question me about you, when you no longer concern me. That pity, that sorry. I do not ask for it. Do I need it? Nay. I definitely doubt what we had was real.

Perhaps a case of too sweet, too good and then too cold. Swept of my feel like a foolish child, thinking I was all grown up.

All this while I blame myself, but it takes two to tango. And one hand cannot clap. I tried, but I guess not the way you wanted. You will just think I want to bash you. Truly it is all just my opinion. The hurt and scars. They just will never go away. History is history. But scars come back to haunt you.

C'est ma faute? No tis' be ours.

Even though my brother is one as well, I cannot accept that men can move on to another female so quickly. It is cheap. Is is 'tres jerk'. It is demeaning. And it makes you feel insignificant. Like another number in a long long line.

Do you understand? When I say a number, most of my friends don't.
Do you now?

Nothing left to say, strangers once again. (Strangers Again, WongFu Productions)

Resilient,  dear readers. Are you?

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