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Monday, June 13

Baby Girls




Headed to Vary Pasta @ Dj for dindins. 
This was carrot soup -.- 
WHY did they add cream to it. The clear type was much much better.

Headed to ss15 to meet up with Chuen, Vina and Amirol after that.

Had Winter Melon Tea with half sugar and ice.

I have to say I think mine tasted the best.
But that's cuz I like sweet stuff.

JacQ had this chinese tea version. 
And it was really really bitter. 
Chuen's too. 

3 ways to have GongCha
  1. Sip the freshly brewed tea through the milk froth without a straw
  2. Slurp some tea followed by the milk through the straw for a smooth aftertaste
  3. Stir and enjoy a perfect blend of milky froth and aromatic tea. 
Being thirsty and abit jakun I just shook the whole thing then drank it. Only afterwards did I see this. Heh

Funky looking teapots.

All the teapot made me think of was pui min (cup noodle). I don't know why. -__-

Chuen's  caramel tea and JacQ's bitter tea. 
The caramel tea tasted like RM5 Starbucks. 
Value for $! 


its so weird. but all of us, have the same hair. (O_O)"

JacQ's square is now Chuen's square.

JacQ and Jared. 
What's with the face BBG?





zazaza, these two finally made it man!
10 minutes was 40mins. -____-

amirol tengah stone dah

heee, my pretty NANA <3


We all have the same straightened hair. Length also same

lolol. family portait missing a few siblings.

Sho pretty. Nana with the present JacQ got her. Its so,... HER!


Su said...

So sweet! Omgosh I miss you girls... =( 13 more daysss!!! =) So happy to know that Vina and Jacq are now home safely <3

she rocks your socks :) said...

i miss you susu ):
come back home safely too <3

everytime i talk to genie, i miss you more. (: he updates me tho heh