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Thursday, June 23

The BBG's again

I hate to admit it, but I think I'm addicted to Chatime. Also credited to the fact that SsTwoMall doesn't have a Gong Cha and there's always no parking there. Phfft!

Anyhoo, we went swimming on Tuesday (:
Its been awhile, so happy to have swim buddies! Heh, I love swimming. Its the sport in which one never sweats!

After that we bombarded JacQ's lovely new room! The view is spectacular (:
You'll see!

And once the princess-ing was done and over with we were whisked off to Kuala Lumpur (:
The city that has my heart. Next to HK and LA, because its beautiful and its home!

Just really hate the amount of lecherous men around. DUDE! in what universe do the BBG's and I look like hookers -____-"

I'm sorry but the lady boys in KL? They have much better bodies than we do, and height to boost! But erm, they are scary. Especially the one's in Changkat.

So yeah, back to the nights plan, after dinner and yummy Wong Ah Wah chicken wings, we headed to The Magnificent Fish N Chip Bar on Chankat to meet up with Vina.

Hey lil' bro is looking good haha.
Spent some time chilling with her then headed off to Jalan Alor for Beef Ball Noodles.
Disappointing! It was so so tasteless that night! Unsatisfied!

Then we headed home (: It was a good night!

We'll be hitting the playground tonight! Its gonna get LOUD in Zouk!
See you there?


Chuen: ZOMGEEE its moby!
JacQ: *texttexttext whatsapppp*

the water makes me shorter @.@

 look at that booty! haha





 I can see a rainbow

I like this picture!

And camwhore time!
Don't we look like a bunch of backpackers? haha

mmmm, now that's some good chicken!

mango salad

green curry

a taufu dish with more chicken and other stuff than toufu..
I thought toufu was the cheap ingredient? no?



we are waiting for Lizzie, Susanna, Rachelle's touchdown.
Alex too!

And the freedom of Kelly, Kim and Cayman!
And JC's availability to meet up (:

This was really yummy, must ask the tingting to try making this!
However I would have preferred the cream whipped instead of thickened and also with a lil bit of icing sugar mixed in. The jam was all on one side so Sha and I felt the tastelessness of it.
Till Chuen informed us there was Rapsberry jam to mix in on the oth side.

Satisfied, nontheless (:

be that whisky? (:

when it came to cards? 3 was the lucky number. we all won 3 rounds each haha! In a row!
nana and amirol won 1 only tho, they were busy socializing n learning abit. lol

BBG JacQ liked the soup (:
But our noodles semua tasteless wei!
Whatsup with that! ):

Looks so Godlike but it wasn't!
You better be yummilicious next time I come, or I'mma go HULK on you!

MOAR to come (: toodles! xx

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