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Tuesday, June 14

Coconut Grove 12th June 2011

Parents decided to head out for some dessert after leaving Aunty Pat's house.

They spotted this place a lil' while back so we decided to give it a try.

Let's say I was pleasantly surprised (: And I'll definitely be back!

Its super new. The only shop open in this row of shoplots.
Its behind BU 11/12 area.
If you know the back road of BU to Tropicana and Aman Suria?
That's where this is located.

coconutty (: I'm feeling lame.
So well, this is authentic and eco-friendly :D *yay*

Basically its just coconut water but jelly-fied. 
They probably added a gelatin mix to coagulate the form of matter. 

I had original. So it was coconut water in jelly form.
It was delicious! :D Superbly refreshing and totally unique.
I'll be back.


Mom had the Aloe Vera flavour.
Its got gula melaka, aloe vera and coconut.
Would have preferred it without the gula melaka. Too sweet for me.

Dad and the counter. 
The menu is pretty limited. 
The first panel is coconut jelly, the one's mom and I had.
The second is tong sui, which my dad has. They have different tong sui's depending on the day.
The third panel is drinks. 

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