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Saturday, June 11

Humble Chef - 9th July 2011

Its been awhile since I had Humble Chef, decided to call a few friends and off we went! Supper

Nikki and I had actually had dinner awhile before this but even then, we ate. All the boys ber-diet. -.- 

I really like this drink. What the hell is it. 

 Candid of Nikki
IF her eyes were open this shot would so rock!

 My FAV :D 
this was a lucky shot when Ting was playing w my cam.

 testing -.- 
I think the night time shots with flash are ugly. But without will be like this.

HOWWWW now brown cow?

Kevin & Eigen
They don't look it. But these people are nuts. 

Thank god for humans like these man. So retarded they leave me in stitches. (:

As you can see, I still have problems with night shots. D:

Noz and Nicole (:
I miss you guys (:

Ting Ting.
the face here damn cmi. 

 Seafood Olio
Nikki had this. 

My all time favourite Lamb Olio. RM5
Spaghetti was a little gooey that night, a little overdone.


AaRoN said...

btw night shots u can try boost up ur iso coz ur gf2 shud b able 2 handle high iso b4 giving u noises...

den the shots are like dat because of low shutter speed means ur shutter open longer. 2 fix dat try push ur aperture to the lowest number available shud b f2.5 i think...

neway haf fun with ur new cam.

she rocks your socks :) said...

Thanks man, after handing in my final assignment, I'm gonna bulldoze into the research of tips and tricks of this cam