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Monday, June 27

Last Friday Night

Met up with An3, 
ended up in MJ >.<

The toilet that traumatises me every time! BAAAAH!

Didn't have much to do so we ended up playing Monodeal, Chor di and then headed off to Nic's house for some Wii time.

I am the Chor Di QUEEN :D hehhh

probably this was me winning again :D  

Trying some light graffitti, rainbowww :D 

Nichi thinks rainbows are gay, he didn't wanna be near my rainbow leh ):

Congrats to Nozz on his new job! 
Rich man ady

me wondering why my Dash Berlin on the phone is f*ed up ):

he smiled! so handsome la u smile Mr. Saw.
Pls stop showing the next face smile more haha.

you see?

sapu the osim chair

my fat ass and my hot chick :D 

ow no. i feel tebam

SHE WON! haha Chef Saw very unfit

The end
Its always good when I get to see you guys <3

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