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Monday, June 13

Random Picture Post.

No editing. I'm much to lazy. That's just honesty.

First snap ever. DAD being epic dad.
when the son saw this photo, his first comment was 'YOUR DAD IS AWESOME'
apparently our dads same same. lol.

My first snap of my messy work desk. yea I know theres nail polish there. (*>__>) heh

If I hadn't gotten this camera as a present, I would have actually asked for an iP4. 
Told my mom this while I was playing with the camera.

Her face was priceless. LOL
Then she said "WHYYYYY,..... didn't you say so earlier"

*hohoho* iP4 cheaper but last min the Gf2 for stock. FATED LAAA*

shine (*-*)

Chicken Chop w Black Pepper Sauce. 
Because I wanted a good photo, the poor kid didn't get to eat just yet. sorreh son.

The son ordered the same drink as I. So he didn't have to bother thinking and choosing. 
Lol, admit it men! you guys love pink drinks (; 

I don't know the dude in the background, we had to sit next to random people.
No photos of my Lou Shi Fun. Brown and looked burnt in photos ):

the Pink Panther.


I don't know what this is, but it makes me laugh. Its ridiculous! Mad ridiculous!

Canon's eco friendly bags. 
Its what my camera came in. (:

Finally tried Chatime w Isaac. 
We both agree its basically lai cha (pulled tea/teh ais) with pearls.

Zack said the pearls are pretty good though.
I was not mind blown. overrated. 

Bumped into Jeremy Lim there. such a coincidence. 

After this, I tried Gong Cha. I much prefer the Winter melon tea there. (:
Seriously, try it! With half sugar.

Pleasant, but pretty plain.

Chatime, I plan to try all the specials and then decide if Chatime is a total fad or not. 
I tried the 3rd one, Pearl Milk tea. The most basic. 

my advice? try something else la. Nothing special.

mom after church. 
forced into being my model (: heh

Flowers outside church. 
This camera is great with the outdoors and colours (: 
Just need to work on the night settings.

my dad

Always damn joker. This was taken in church.

I ain't reading this but it was the only thing to photograph and my camera was calling.

Mom took this, not bad mommy (: I spot some talent.

Mommy ♥

The only thing I liked about dinner that night was the kuk fa (chrysanthemum tea)
the food was bad. ):

this was right before I went to the Bee w Jet. 
no wonder I ate so much fries.

teehee flowers. 

Bicycle cards. Which I always thought were magic cards. 
Hopefully I get to see the black and gold one's. (;
I know Nana will love 'em!

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