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Friday, June 10

Why us?

Just when you think everything is safe again, you hear no acid throws you hear no unrest.

9th June 2011 - 4am in the morning, awoken by screams from civilians. That's what you will see in the police report. The smell of burn in the air and black smoke everywhere, you find yourself looking at 2 cars burning. The neighbours come to help. You do all you can. 

This was the sight I woke up to. Alarmed by the shouts of my father. Alerting all of us to wake up and go do something about the situation. 

It was all too late, the fire brigade and police were called to the scene. However we had managed to put out the fire and at least that was that. 

By 7am, we all went back to bed. I was supposed to head for a funeral this morning. But how can I leave the house? When I come back, will I still have a home?

Will I be watched? Who knows right?

Did these people know the HIlux is a company car and the wira was paid off?
Thank god the Accord which isn't ours was safe. This would have been a lost we cannot afford.

To the culprits, you have mothers and fathers, families even. Did you think of them when you committed this crime? Really, did you? For shame.

Do they know how hard it is to be in this country when Ca$h is King and you do not have Ca$h? 

At 9am this morning, the police and forensics came. Apparently there were 3 other cases. One in Bangsar South and one in Tropicana the other I do not know. 

My heart goes out to you.

These people have nothing better to do. But I do believe in KARMA. 
All in good time.

I leave you on a bitter note but always remember, semper-fi

It means always faithful. Because no matter what has happened, no one was hurt and now people are on alert. Lets not let this happen again. We need to be a community that knows each other. That can help and band together to fight this issue. 

I pray the authorities catch the perpetrators, people like these? Do not earn the freedom they currently own.
It is all borrowed. Time will tell.

Good morning. Good day. I hope you have a better one.

Yes these photos are taken by me, the cars are my family's. The people are real. No editing.

My baby, which had just come back 2days ago. From being in the workshop.
It may have been old, but it got me from A to B.

I hope it still works. We cannot afford another car. 

I had just driven this car home at 1am. Now here it is 3hours later. A wreck.

Not one but 2.

The Scene 

Uncle Tody helping. His power hose helped put the fire out. Thank you uncle T.


Anonymous said...

pity you...have you checked wif insurance if it is claimable o not..good luck to you..

she rocks your socks :) said...

not yet. we have to wait for the forensics. thanks for the concern. Ah well, shit happens.