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Thursday, July 21

Happy 1st Birthday Avante and Magical Musical Round II

Headed for Avante's 1st birthday party a week back. 
We were invited to a tea party at Avanti Italian Restaurant @ Sunway Resort Hotel before Magical Musical. (:
I whacked the lasagne :3 nyoms!

BoB came along as well.

Friends & family

This deco kept moving, its those kipas melayu, very unique.

Sha & Chalie

Another Chaly socializing with the family.

hors d'oeuvre :D


Mini Bruchetta

Maki rolls

Mushroom & basil on croutons.

No photo's of my lasagne cuz I gobbled it all down. It was so creamy and delicious :D 

Haha, poyo sial.

DanKhoo is also part of www.Bolehland.net

^^v and \m/

My long table heh :D
Myself, JacQ, Chuen and Martin 

Registration and ticketing. 

2nd time also anxious :D :D :D
I LOVE musicals :D can you tell?

Welcome :D

Waited for these two sesaters. Even Su and Genie were faster lul.

This time, I knew when and what shots to take! (: Heh 

Especially during my favourite song, Defying Gravity from Wicked. 
Love the laser light show (:

Just as hot when the next act came in.
Poof* **wave of heat**

Catch up session during the break. Hahahha, Sha's face major hilarious!

Heh! Gotcha!

Cozying up to some random stranger. lol

C'mon soldier!

Happy Birthday Avante!

Cast photo :D yay 

Rockstar requested to take a photo with mom. Celebrity hor? 

Once more, all the best to Avante, the future is but all we make it to be. 
Thank you for a wonderful time (:

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