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Tuesday, September 27

Clinique Star Tour; Winner's Announced!

When Clinique came calling, it was bliss!
The winners were finally announced! And because I had blogged for them before, I was invited to witness the crowning moment and to meet the winners in person.

Dear God, why are there such beautiful people? 
Luckily for me, I have Clinique haha. Those 3 winners were gorgeous!
They really looked like supermodels.

But before the big reveal of the beautiful ladies, Clinique served us some light refreshments 
@ Zouk Cafe Bar, Gardens.

Clinique's signature white. 

Yummy cranberry juice.

Press kit!
Sibeh important feel. Yes I've watched Nasi Lemak 2.0! And you should too!

Anxiety while waiting.

I didn't manage to get nice individual shots, so I'm grabbing some from FeeqSays 
His big ass camera always produces gorgeous shots, plus the subjects were so gorgeous too!

Congratulations girls!

Grand Prize winner Miss Alicia Tan is pretty in pink. 
She aspires to be an investment banker and stated that meeting her career mentor was very beneficial (:

Photo source: www.feeqsays.com

Runner up Miss Alana Marie from Kamayan ATC, aspired to be a lawyer as she believes
in fighting for people's rights. Her speech was empowering too!

Photo source: www.feeqsays.com

Runner up Miss Shermaine Leong from Help UC.
She was superbly adorable, she aspires to be an educator (lecturer) as she wants to help educate future generations. Future students of hers are real lucky!

Watch out for these future movers and shakers. Till next time, xx!

Attended this round with Vivian Khoo, Sharon Tan and Li Chuen

Many thanks to Clinique Malaysia and Fp Avante  for the invites.


FP Avante

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