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Sunday, October 9

Alluring Eyes! My First Time

I may not wear contact lenses, but I've always wanted to. 
And thanks to Fresh Kon, I'm gonna get that chance very soon :D 

They're gonna let me try this!

I can't wait heh. Hopefully it'll be easy to wear and take out ey?

I admit I already have big eyes, but it doesn't hurt if I can try having dolly eyes for a day right?

Having seen the fact that they have 0 to 10.000D power range I'm so happy!
As I don't have power I still get the chance to try "changing my eye colour" for a while. 


I'm trying out the Magnatic Grey one. Since I have dark brown eyes, awesome!

Fresh Kon also has a 55% water content, which means I won't encounter all those problems my friends have. They always get pink eyes and complain of their eyes being tired and painful.

I've already asked them to try this contact lens out with me. Hope it works for them (:

Beauty eh?

Furthermore, I've checked, and apparently it has no curling  problems. Great! Especially for first time users like me. I'm a little worried I'll have problems handling the lens. 

We'll just have to wait and see how everything goes!
I'll post up photo's of me in contacts once I get them right! :D


Till then, check this out.
Stand to win a  1000$ cash prize and unlimited supply of lenses!

Follow these steps!

Also if you just like their page, you might be the lucky one to walk away with a mystery prize!

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