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Sunday, October 2

Wacoal x Assunta: 2011 Pink Ribbon Campaign

It was Pink Ribbon day last Sunday. I wore my pink ribbon. Did you?
If you didn't, Wacoal provided some (:

Chuen from www.strings-of-memories.blogspot.com with the giant bra!
Coming from a family where health problems are no strangers. I definitely felt I needed to attend this event.
The fact that I'm crazy about pink just gave me another reason to wear pink :D heh.

Okay, a few facts alright?

  • Fact: Breast cancer affects 1 in 19 women, by years end 4000 women would have been diagnosed.
  • Fact: Early detection leads to a high risk of recovery in patients. 
  • Fact: Most people end up avoiding the examination in denial. 
For more information regarding cancer of any kind, check out NCSM (National Cancer Society Malaysia) 

Thankfully, I being one of those avoide-ers got the opportunity to do an official breast examination FOC thanks to Wacoal Malaysia and Assunta Hospital. (ps: I was born in Assunta Hospital!)

My attending was extremely friendly and made everything comfortable. She was very thorough throughout the examination.

The event was held at One Utama, it had stations set up and if you completed stations 1-5, you would receive a free gift! Actually, through every station, there was some gift or another ready for participants anyways. How awesome is that?

At one of the booths you get to measure your Wacoal bra size. Well, the lady says I need to go try on a pair to find an exact size, cause',..... my measurements say I'm an E cup @.@

Holy mother of........ I'm 5'1. If I was an E cup I'd be using my boobs to walk. Well it would be the most stable area in that scenario. Okeh stop imagining it. I'm laughing like a hyena right now.

My true bra size, well is a mystery. Every brand I buy says something new. LOL, but hey, its good to know!
The lady taking my measurements had a O.O face when she told me. She was laughing too.

This booth was right outside the examination room, Remamma is a bra specially designed for women who have gone through a mastectomy. It can prove to be a really traumatic experience, so its good to see such a thing. As women breast are often tied into our self confidence.

It was good to see many people drawn to the booths. 
The event drew a huge crowd that day. I was number 12 on the breast examination but when I came back a little while later, the number had more than doubled.

Wacoal x Assunta
After the the launch was officiated by Mr Hisau Sugiyama, Executive Director of Wacoal Malaysia and Mr Vincent Leong, Wacoal's Director. Accompanied by 2celebrities!....

Guess who?

2 Former Miss Malaysia's!
 Debbie Goh on the left and Elaine Daly on the right. 

Super gorgeous I tell you.

Photo op for members of the media.

After the event there were photo op's in front of the giant bra. The second picture is one of them taking photo's with the public! 
Yes, they took photo's with the public. 

I didn't bother cause it would been a KLCC photo again. 
Two towers and a bridge. 
I'm the bridge. LOL

Remember to check out 

on a bynote, please don't hesitate to drop by 
if you haven't gotten you're HVP shot yet. 

Cervical cancer is the 2nd most common cancer in women.

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