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Monday, November 21

Durex Inspires Youths to Make Informed Choices 2011

Dropped by Taylors Uni the other day, found this booth!

The reason behind this awareness program lies in shocking statistic regarding Malaysian youth. 

"The government has recently announced that between 2006 and 2010, there were 21 recorded cases of students who got pregnant out of marriage. Statistics from the Welfare Department revealed that this year, from January to April, 111 young girls were pregnant" SIC (Durex Press Release, 2011)

Shocking for an Islamic country, but this situation stems from our conservative nature, we do not speak about sex related issues and we are not well informed or educated about these issues. 

Durex dropped by Taylor's to not only inform but to spread the word to young people, that its okay to be open about these issues. As long as we handle them maturely. 

Durex hopes to empower youths and create awareness about sexual health and contraceptive options that leads them to make informed decisions. Themed  ‘One Voice, Prevention is Key’

So I got myself educated with the roadshow, all the information and joined the Durex Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/DurexMalaysia

With all the STD's (sexually transmitted diseases) around these days, its better to be safe than sorry. Educated and informed than regret. 

A gorgeous background in purple.
Pamphlets and brochures for further information. Its free, so just grab a couple get informed and pass it to a friend. Spread the word! 
The Vision and Mission of Durex's Movement
Jared Lee being interviewed about the movement! He's the director for the Long Distance Relationship.

Drop him a vote @ BMW Shorties ! 

Not too Early, Not Too Late

Drop by one of these booths when they reach your campuses!
And get a premium item gift from Durex!

and you might just pick up something kinky yet PG.

Durex ‘One Voice, Prevention is Key’ road show programme will be held in 5 college campuses throughout November.

  •  Taylors Lakeside Campus
  • Universiti Technologi Mara Shah Alam
  • Raffles College
  • INTI International University, Nilai 
  •  IACT College. 
That's not all folks!
In conjunction with the campaign, 'Durex One Voice Contest' is a design contest organized for individuals to show their ideas on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. 

As we see in today's news, lots of babies are being dumped. So prevention is better than a cure people!

All you have to do is to, draw, sculpt, design or hone your photography skills!

Here's how you can join:
Contest period: 16 Nov - 4 Dec 2011
1. First, create a poster/ postcard/ take a picture to convey the message that prevention is the best way to stop unwanted pregnancies. 
2. Allow the Durex One Voice Application on Facebook.
3. Register yourself via the registration form.
4. Pick the Creative Categories either “Poster/ Postcard“ or “Photography” for your submission.
5. Submit the entry that matches the Creative Category.
6. You may submit only 1 creative entry per Creative Category.
7. You may submit a creative design from yourself or from others, but make sure you have the rights to use it!
8. Submission is final and cannot be deleted, changed or altered once submitted.
9. Remember to include a description of your creative entry.
10. Spread the word on your entry & get your friends to vote on it when its open for voting.
11. You can even vote for your own entry! *AAAAW YEA*
Voting period: 5 Dec - 18 Dec 2011
1. You can vote on all entry(s) across all 2 categories by clicking on Vote.
2. Only 1 vote per creative entry per day – you can vote on the same creative entry(s) again the next day!
3. You’ll only be able to see the number of Votes received on the creative entry(s) you’ve voted for.
4. Participants can vote on their own creative entry(s) too! 
5. Support your favourites or gain more exposure for your creative entry(s) – share them!

Winners will be announced on 23 Dec and the most voted submission will walk away with an iPad2! Durex will also be giving out five iPod Touch as consolation prizes for each category. 

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