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Sunday, November 13

Lets do some CHARITY with GLAMOUR

Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou says, we should live our lives with FABULOUSITY.
I love KIMORA, don't you?

Its not just a word, its a lifestyle. And now you can be fabulous and give back (:

La Borsa Italia is an online blogshop based in Udine, Italy. 
The name 'La Borsa Italia' means Italian bag.

It began as the owner, self dubbed 小女人(little woman)moved to Italy in 2007 as her husband went over for work. 
A self proclaimed shopaholic, Italy was a heaven for her! Not only did it have incredible weather and a picturesque landscape, Italy is one of the fashion capitals of the world!  

She made it her mission to turn her hobby into something more, and in the process spread her love for fashion and bags in particular, around the world. Most designer bags come with hefty price tags, and more often than not, women around the world are spending everything they have on beautiful handbags. 

As prices in Italy are slightly cheaper, La Borsa Italia offers bags at a lower rate. *squeals, already excited as I type*
So if you have a love of luxurious items like I do and looooove the finer things in life, you're in luck! Because La Borsa Italia shippes to Malaysia! Its like having a personal shopper who loves her job.

And this almost Christmas season, you can do your part by supporting La Borsa Italia and the recent Bangkok floods. As the floods hit Bangkok, many people have been displaced and now food prices are soaring. So La Borsa Italia has decided to help out by having a.....

BIDDING WAR event via Facebook. :D *ahh the satisfaction of winning a bid* 

The bidding for the charity of Bangkok Flood starts on 23rd of November 2011
The 1st item will be posted up on the 18th of November 2011.

For those who’d like to own an original handbag and wish to help the less fortunate people in Bangkok, please follow the steps below:

1)      Log on to the Facebook.

2)      Go to La Borsa Italia’s page and be a fan.

3)      Tune in from the 18th and make sure you have your bid ready on the 23rd of November 2011!

4)   Each bid last for 5 days ONLY and starts from RM10! can you believe it?

here's some motivation from me! 

L-R: Thats my LV Cherry Blossom wallet, Gucci wristlet from mommy recently :D PINK again. and actually hidden (cause I cropped it) is my Pink Gucci wallet. 

Now La Borsa Italia believes that small changes can make a big difference! And so do we, right Malaysia?

Hop on over to La Borsa Italia's page today

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