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Tuesday, November 15

The Long Distance Relationship by Jared Lee

I seriously almost cried watching this!

Albeit not the most original script, the cinematography was fantastic!
Its made by a small crew under the leadership of an ex classmate and good friend from IACT,
Mr Jared Lee

He's also the lead guitarist of the band Once Upon A Time There Was a Sausage Named Bob.
*phewh, got that down!* 

Wickedly good! Please watch and continue supporting Grim Films guys!

So so proud to know these guys! (,:
Especially Esther and Roy!

Congratulations for bringing hope to Malaysian films

Oh, speaking of BOB (Onceupon......you get the drift) 

These guys will be bringing you SAUSAGEFEST this  November 17th
Located at The Bee, Jaya One 
So good you gotta have it twice people, again @Laundry, The Curve on November 24th

Just come, donate RM5, eat sausages, listen to awesome bands and DJ Jee Hoe all night long.

Yup, make a difference by eating sausages! Who would've though?

Bands that will be rocking include:


                                    OUR SUNSETS!

                                   ARIFF AB!

                                      SCARLET HEROES!


                                   THE WISHING!

                                    LOCUST DAY DREAM!
                                     HEART A-TACK!

                                   CAR CRASH HEARTS!

                                   SECONDS TO COLLIDE!


                                  AN HONEST MISTAKE!

                                     ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A SAUSAGE                    
                             NAMED BOB!

                       JEE HOE!

                        BUI YEN @ THE CHOOBS!

                     And remember when I said RM5 was all you needed to eat sausages?
                     If you go the extra mile and donate                  
                  RM10, you'll be an automatic contestant for the lucky draw!

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