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Monday, November 21

Sneak Peek!

I want a GENIE too!

I love Aladdin, even till today I'll watch it. And every time they sing, I sing too! :D

This time Sunway Group is bringing back the magic of Aladdin, through musicals!
Remember Magical Musical back in June? Round 1 and Round 2!

This time the Sunway Group decided to allow members of the press and bloggers to meet the cast!

Awesome, backstage babeh!

I have decided to make you drool with pictures! So I can avoid any spoilers. I did record a video of the first act, but I'm not gonna post it, just to build more suspense! Heh (:

Costumes! And that's only half, you don't yet see the headdresses and other props.

A slight view of the unfinished stage. And for the first time ever, this stage has 3D features.
You'll just have to watch to find out more now, won't you?

A picture of all the bloggers, their guest and some of the cast!
Thanks for the invite FP Avante & Sunway! It was awesome.
Anyone wanna guess who's who? (: 

Seriously, if you guess correctly, I might bring you as a guest! 

Jaafar and the Sultan.
I got to ask them questions, and I asked the Sultan how he got into character because he mentioned having to perform multiple roles at one time.

He replied, he just thinks really hard about it and how he wants it to come out. They are absolutely adorable. And the Sultan has really pretty eyes. 

Jasmine & Aladdin! Their chemistry was really good. I started to let my imagination go wild after that. So lets put that to rest. (:

Jaafar, me Sultan and Chuen!
Despite it being a superbly hot day, Chuen was dressed to the nines!

Loved your outfit babe! So vintage!

You can visit her blog @ www.strings-of-memories.blogspot.com

I asked her if she ever played Tinkerbell!

Damnnit she looks like Tinkerbell!

Pat from FP Avante who invited (: Thankiu Avante
So tempted to sit on this and say "HARHARHAR SLAVES!" really loudly.
Maybe after Dec 2nd! LOL

Wanna catch Aladdin the Musical?
It starts playing on the 25th of November 2011 - 2nd January 2012 @ Sunway Amphitheater. 

Screenings are once a day from Sunday to Friday @8:00pm. 
(No shows on Tuesdays folks.)

Twice on Saturdays
 1) 7.15pm
 2) 9.15pm

And also on these dates: 

  • 25th December (Sunday)
  • 1st January (Sunday)

Starts from RM300, RM250, RM200, RM100 (adults)
Children up to 12 : RM 50

For more information:

*seating charts below


Chuen said...

Thanks for liking my outfit! hehe~

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omg you're a taylor's student too! hellooooo junior, i think? lol. im not sure which sem you're in lol.