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Wednesday, December 14

Aladdin The Musical Part 2

Continuation of my previous post.
Honestly, I enjoyed the show.  Though, I would have been thrilled if they managed to train a monkey to play Abu! hahaha. 

Having loved Aladdin from Disney, part of me truly wished that they had adapted the whole script. BUT that's grounds to get sued. Haha!
Oh well, it was worth the watch (:  By the end of the show I was singing my heart out.

Albeit not as fantastic as Magical Musical, perhaps it was because Aladdin seemed shorter?
Nevertheless, I enjoyed the experience, can't wait for the next round!

A big thank you to Sunway Group, Kah Peng, Ai  Vee and of course, FP Avante!

See y'll next round!

Jaafar wears more eyeliner than I do1

Alvina would love all that gold!
Bumbling Sultan was one of my favorites. So cute!

A whole new world scene (:
Oh Aladdin!

For some reason, I was extremely fascinated by the shadows here.


Le Bestie who's back from NZ! :D

with Le Godsis! Megusta, yes Dulcie?!

A group shot with Avante and the Cast! Thank you :D :D :D 


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divine lifestyle said...

cool :)

Kokken said...

Super indlæg, mine børn elsker disney klassikere, og så når de er bragt til live gennem skuespil giver os voksne en bedre chance for at få det kulturelle med ind i deres opvækst. Livet er jo en chance for at forny sig.

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