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Wednesday, January 11

Richard Marx @ Arena Of Stars, Genting

Mom came into some tickets for Richard Marx some time back. 
So we decided to head up and catch the show.

Liyana Fizi was the opening act, whilst I loved her voice and soothing rhythm's; the parents said they were falling asleep..

Hurm. Hurm?

Anyways some pictures from the night. It was so so cold up in Genting! LOVED IT.
Its great to be near hills. An hours drive from the city and you can escape the hot humid weather just long enough to cool down.

I love making my parents pose for me! More pictures of people I love.
Cherrie came too. 

Film grained this
The other sibling

mommeeeeeh <3
Was a good show. (:
I really enjoyed the music and his hosting!
When he told virtually performed with his son's on a song together, it was magnificent.
His super fans were equally as entertaining too.

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