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Sunday, March 25


Seriously, being 100% assignment based is no joke. I'm working non stop and hardly have time to breathe before the next round comes in. I'm constantly tired and so are my peers. 

By the time Assignment 2's come around we look half dead. And assignment 3's? Zombie mode on lah! The bulk of my work is editing, so I spend alot of time in front of computers. Often I'm so sick of technology if I can, there's a no laptop day shoved in somewhere. 

Don't ask me bout my phone man, that's not even a gadget; its an appendage. 

 Right now, my wallpaper is this , ah motivation. 
surfs up!
that's my chair! (: *whimsy*
Okay, I needed that! Back to reality.
Often people think Communications is an easy field to study. To be honest, so did I.

Till degree level work hit me right smack in the face! You realize there are all these superbly talented individuals out there! Who are gonna be your competition soon enough. And you're like "dafaq,  how am I gonna compete with that?" 

Well, maybe I just need to stock up on creative juices. 

Now how many of you ladies feel the same damn way? Maybe in work, or not. We've all uttered the words "I NEED A VACATION"

Veet's got this new contest offering a holiday worth Rm3000 for one lucky winner and of course you don't have to go alone lah. She gets to bring 3 bestfriends along!

The contest is called Dream Vacation - Go Holiday with Veet.
All you gotta do is to  
  1. Strike your most creative pose with a Veet product. (humor,sex appeal, anything)
  2. Capture it! (durh) lol
  3. Log onto VEET FB and register yourself.
  4. Invite 3 besties, choose a dream destination and tell Veet why YOU deserve a vacation!
  5. Contest ends 16th April 2012
Make sure you call your friends and family to vote for your dream vacation!
Because 30% of the marks will be counted through cheers!
Winners will be announced on the 28th of May 2012. 

All the best lovely ladies!

And to all of you college kids, wanting some Veet loving, fret not because Veet will be coming to you! 

Veet presents "My Real Secret Roadshow"

Find out that glowing skin that oozes confidence. The confidence that women crave and men find oh-so-sexy. Veet will be in these lucky campuses on these dates. 

There will be lessons on self grooming and beauty secrets! And don't miss the experts advice on proper hair removal and myths about hair removal 

Better to be in the know (: Your body is sacred, a fragile beautiful you. Learn the best ways to take care of it, cause you can't change your skin.
See you there! And I'm looking forward to seeing all those dream vacations up!

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