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Saturday, March 3

Axe Anarchy - Unleash the Chaos!

Guess what launched this past week!

can you smell it?

"excellent" I felt like a mad scientist :D 

No, this didn't smell (:

I suppose you, like myself must be asking. WTH is this? Axe launch but beakers, test tubes and dry ice all around? I ingat this was a deodorant launch kan? 

Why yes, yes it is. I soon found out why the beakers, pipettes and were necessary. 

Lemme tell you a story.

Liang & Patricia. Emcee's for the day.
You see, these two lovely emcee's above? 
They soon announced, Axe was unleashing a new wave, the world would soon delve into,.... Anarchy.

Soon,  Ray Guinoo, Marketing Manager for deodorants and skin care, Unilever announced "..we know guys love the scent of Axe and the confidence and edge it gives them, however our success is in part, due to the way GIRLS have also embraced the brand."

The *experiments* were meant to emulate the lab processed carried out in the Axe laboratories. 

He also mentioned that for too long, has Axe missed out on the female demographic. At this point I thought I'd get to see what was behind that sealed vault in the back.


Out comes, Axe! For Him & For Her!
*i can how haz axe*

But then, out runs this gorgeous woman, who turns out to be Dr.Sasha from the video invites! She warns Ray about the Axe-effect, one that will cause chaos to the other sex. (both)

When Ray shrugges this off, Dr Sasha then sprays Axe for her and Axe for him on 2 unsuspecting lab assistants. 
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From this point on, the 2 start stripping of their lab coats and seem so very much captivated by each other, an unseen force drawing one to the other.


The world,...

(minus us) delves into... 



Good one ey? It was unlike any launch I've ever been too! Suddenly there was fire and drama and dance! And the scent of Axe in the air!

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Liang & Dr Sasha with Axe for Him and for Her!

Lucky me got a couple of bottles too!

Axe Anarchy  for  Him & Her retails @ RM 16.90 a bottle

But that's not all! 
During the launch, Dr Sasha the scientist responsible for creating Axe Anarchy mentioned that 1000 cans of the experimental Anarchy had gone missing. They had been shipped to Malaysia for distribution. 

Dr Sasha is asking all Malaysian's to keep a lookout for these cans. 

And thus begins, The Search for the 1000 Top Secret Cans Contest!

Step 1: Purchase a can of Anarchy For Him or For Her
Step 2 : Log onto Axe Malaysia FB page.
Step 3: Click on the Project Anarchy app.
Step 4: Scan the QR code embedded on the can to find out if it is one of the 1000 secret cans!

As simple as A B C!

The Prizes: the top 5 contestant to retrieve the highest number of top secret cans will be in the running to win prizes such as :
i) A 5-Star Island Vacation for 2
ii) Tag Heuer watch
iii) Sony home theater system
iv)  iPhone 4S
v) XBox Kinect

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