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Thursday, March 22

Libresse: Get Control!

 This event launch was awesome!
100% interactive, and when you have to work as a team with people you aren't familiar with, that's when things get interesting lah! Kan?

Alright, I was a little late to the event, so I kinda missed the intro and ran right smack into the game section. But thanks to these pictures from Libresse! I can share the full experience with you people! Thanks for the photo's Sarah! (:
Adibah Noor & Ean
 Adibah is one of Libresse's brand ambassadors. She's hilarious. Really love her, especially in Sepet! One of my favorite movies, ever! Next to her is Ean from Hitz.fm, with a room full of women, poor guy didn't stand a chance. Even when he tried to be a gentleman and help, he got arrowed instead. Haha. Blame it on the estrogen levels! 

Now of course, you can't have a launch without something to launch. Like duh!

Libresse launched Purefresh Green Tea Odor Control pads! I actually smelt it, I'm serious. It smells pretty awesome. 
Ambassadors being all glam

No puffery, I really do love Libresse, it never leaks and never moves and is really comfy! I have haywire cycles with really heavy flows at first, I've been saved by Libresse many times. Especially when i'm in a jam or in a lecture I can't leave from.  
At least my mind is always at peace, knowing I'll never have a horrible leak to deal with. And now YOU EVEN SMELL GOOD? Libresse, you are like a dream pad. If only men could have these attributes. Hurhur, I kid!

I wish this brand existed during my school days.... T.T so much horror could have been avoided...
And that is why, I am a loyal customer to Libresse.

Even though this factor doesn't affect my decision, I realize that Libresse is one of the cheaper brands out there. But it's top notch, even better than the other brands I've tried such as Kotex, Sofy and even Laurier. Yea, they all leaked for me ): Only Libresse has the patented Deep Flow Channels that save my lovely clothes. 

L-R: Vanessa Chong, Faye Yong , Adibah Noor, Soo Shien, Pamela Chong
 Faye Yong is the Senior Marketing Manager of Libresse and Soo Shien is the Senior Brand Manager.  Thanks to their hard work, and all your ( and mine too!*saja) support, Libresse is currenlty the 3rd best selling sanitary pad in Malaysia! *YAAAY* applauseapplause

Ambassadors ......... uhhh being sexy

My favourite photo! This should be an ad!
Seeing this photo makes me feel as if they're giving me more Libresse. Since I already use the product, lagi-lah(all the more) I want!

Okay more photo's for you of beautiful women *wink wink*
Pamela Chong
If you're wondering why she's so familiar, Pamela was in the Amazing race. Along with her sister Vanessa.  They are Akademi Fantasia's first winner, Vince Chong's sister.
Vanessa, my team leader.
She's quite a joker. Surprisingly. Sorta like that whacky, crazy friend we all have. 
She was my team leader during le games.
Adibah loves Libresse

Lovely ladies.
This was the sealing of a time capsule.
 The time capsule inset contains a big piece of canvas with well wishes to Libresse, I didn't get to sign cause I was late... ): damnit.

This game was my favorite to watch!
 Its called, Smell the Unknown! Its really amusing to watch people guess smells and have weird sorta sniff sniff looks on their faces! Totally a game I'd play next time I have a party.

We also played charades and there was a crossword puzzle at the beginning.
The Winners! Pamela's blue team.
 Everyone got a voucher. *abit jealous la* LOL

Libresse retails from Rm3.30-Rm5.80
Libresse is available at major retailers and at Watson's outlets nationwide.
Get it when you can, cause its almost always sold out :P
That good! No lie. 

Much love!

Join Libresse Malaysia's facebook  or go to Libresse for more info!

The event was crazy fun! 
And check out the new Libresse ad!
Starring all ambassadors and guess who sang the soundtrack? 
NONE OTHER than our very own YUNA
Major love for her! Her voice is heaven.
The official Ad.
But this behind the scene's vid is so so cute!

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