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Thursday, March 22

Lipton: Jom Teh Tariklah!

Got invited to the Lipton's: Proud to be Malaysian. Jom Teh Tariklah!' event last weekend. 
It was held at The Teh Tarik Place in One Utama. 

To be honest, more often than not, I consider One Utama like my second home. Seriously! I'm a walking directory. But in lieu with recent renovations I'm lost all the time. -.-" *epicphail*

Also it ends up that I am confused with "new old wing' or "old new wing"
I bet some of you pun sama kes la kan?

Teh tarik. 
Upon entering, we were greeted with non-other than TEH TARIK. 
Lipton's new product is our homegrown Malaysian brew! (:

Personally I love teh tarik and I love having my teh ais in the morning. *delicious*
Lipton's product is a 3-in-1 teh tarik. Just for those moments you feel the need for it but might not be able to head out to get some. 

Rachelle, my college mate in the photo below, remarked "Where was this when I was in UK?!" 
Apparently its extremely difficult to find a decent mug of teh tarik there. And even if you found it, it would cost you a bomb. 

Us enjoying teh tarik by Lipton at 8pm. 

Usually I'm pretty skeptical about chugging down the drink past 5pm. Even Chatime's roasted milk tea keeps me up all night long! Good lord. 

I didn't have that issue with this mug of tea. *yum* 
Even went for seconds! (:

Its smooth, creamy and hearty. Gives me the image of a rainy night, where I'm nestled up in a cozy corner and reading a good book with some soothing music. And tha lovely warm mug of Teh tarik as my company. 

AHHH! Perfection!

Okay random shot because I am distracted by pretty stuff la

They really are no. 1

Hugo Verkuil, MD ofUnilever (M) Holdings Sdn.Bdn
Its really fun to see a caucasian doing the 'tarik-ing'! I think this is a first for me.

Hugo recalled to us the first time he had a cuppa teh tarik, he says 'I vividly recall my first encounter with teh tarik. In fact, I was so intrigued by the act of tea pulling that I thought it was a marvellous idea to lend such a silky texture and depth to a humble cup of tea..."  (sic)

And thus begun Lipton's journey to producing its first teh tarik recipe, without losing its authentic Lipton taste. 2 years of hard work and research have finally come to fruition.

He really completed a full pull, my shot turned out blur but this is almost there (:
Lipton Teh Tarik retails for RM13.50 across major supermarkets.
A group shot of all of us.
Join Lipton's FB page today! 

See this web-isode? There'll be more, the FB page will be updated regularly. 
Along with a small competition for Lipton-ians!
(Disclaimer*not a real term, I just made it up*)

  1. Watch each webisode and comment on the fan page.
The most interesting comment will take home RM300 each week! MMHMM WEEK!
And a lovely Lipton Milktea hamper worth RM86

Contest starts from 19th March. It runs for 6 weeks!

Jom Teh Tariklah!

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